Tawana Beecham

Tawana Beecham Quotes

  • ''Healing from anything is a process
    Being heard is the 1st step.''
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  • ''A person's skin color shouldn't define who they are because we are all equal✔️💯''
    Tawana Beecham
  • ''Fans deserve equal respect from any artist especially when you support them 100%''
  • ''Always believe you can do anything you put your mind to✊
    Never stop believing.''

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Kindred Love

Embraced by love
Protected by trust
My love is beyond pure we don't have to rush
Every time I look at you I always start to blush
Your touch your smile it always tend to drive me wild
When you touch me I feel so free
Although we disagree you never change how you feel about me♡♡♡

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