Taylor Rosewood

Rookie (California/USA)

Taylor Rosewood Poems

1. Mercedes And The Impala 8/31/2010
2. Rhubarb 9/30/2010
3. Six-Toed Tina 10/27/2010
4. Eclipse 11/3/2010
5. A Road Bending South 12/2/2010
6. Your Cranial Universe 12/13/2010
7. Living In The Past 12/30/2010
8. Two Trees 1/5/2011
9. An October In Ann Arbor 8/5/2010
10. Anglerfish 8/11/2010
11. Let Down 8/18/2010
12. Rainbows For Chloe 8/27/2010
13. First Date 1/6/2011
14. If I Could Silence My Mind- 1/10/2011
15. The Bear 1/19/2011
16. Golden 1/19/2011
17. Lovedrops 2/1/2011
18. Raptor 2/9/2011
19. In Cahoots 2/16/2011
20. Men 2/18/2011
21. Through My Eyes 3/2/2011
22. Perpetual Adolescence 3/3/2011
23. Her Smoke 3/4/2011
24. Persistence 3/4/2011
25. South County 3/5/2011
26. Apostatia 3/11/2011
27. Beatrice 2/9/2011
28. Poseidon And Amphitrite 1/5/2011
29. Afghanistan 3/9/2011
30. Ana 8/29/2010
Best Poem of Taylor Rosewood


The brown lady of the south is knocking at my door,
carrying bags of oranges she grows inside her yard.
It looks like a friendly gesture, but I know of her wily chops.
She's come by way of the canyons, and the friction makes her hot.

I dated he once before, but we never left her car.
It was a 67' Mustang, and she parked in my neighbor's yard.
The yard was full of brush, and the brush was ten feet high-
high enough to conceal the truth from my virtuous neighbor's eyes.

All night long she lied, and ran her fingers through my hair,
and led me to drink and ...

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An October In Ann Arbor

While others may convene at the Big House,
I'd rather be at the flat chasing you,
or there on the floor with young Mrs. Krause,
while she told me all the things I should do.

I know you're not her, but give it a try,
there's some horn rims and heels on the night stand.
There's a black frock too, with the neck cropped high.
You can insult, degrade and reprimand.

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