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tayyeba mustafa Poems

1. A Dazzling Lady 6/22/2012
2. A Night Before 5/10/2013
3. A Tiny Drop Of Water 3/8/2013
4. Adieu 5/31/2013
5. An Errand To The Real Land 12/7/2013
6. And These Are Three Days Of Our Cow 10/30/2012
7. Beautiful Evening 1/18/2013
8. Coffee 3/8/2013
9. Colorful Spring 3/9/2013
10. Dentist Uncle 10/28/2012
11. Dream 3/14/2013
12. Dripping Water 10/28/2012
13. Enlighten 10/10/2013
14. Faith 8/3/2013
15. Falcons Of Grains 6/22/2012
16. Honey Bee 1/18/2013
17. Hot Summers 6/23/2012
18. I Want To Go Back 10/6/2013
19. Lets Step In To Get In 9/21/2013
20. Life 6/20/2012
21. Love 12/14/2012
22. Marriage 4/27/2013
23. Memories Lasts Forever 10/10/2013
24. Miss Perfect 5/31/2013
25. Music 2/28/2013
26. My Aunt 2/28/2013
27. Never Trust 3/2/2013
28. New Year 1/18/2013
29. Stay With Me 4/7/2013
30. The Ants 3/2/2013
31. The Ring Of World 3/21/2013
32. There Was A Lizard In The Room 2/28/2013
33. Time Is Time 3/2/2013
34. To Be, Or Not To Be 8/3/2013
35. We Are Humans, We Are Called Humans 6/22/2012
36. Why 3/11/2013
37. Without You 4/27/2013
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It is music, that makes me dance
It is music, that wakes me up
It is music, brush my hair
It is music, makes me smile
It is music, cause me to laugh
It is music, elevates my mood
It is music, along with i go out
It is music, that makes me sit in class
It is music, that makes me move
It is music, that wipes my tears
It is music, that is food of my soul
It is music, that makes me sleep
It is music, that reminds me
It is music, that gives me memories
It is music, that is my friend
It is music, that is my food
It is music, that is my studies
It is...

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Loads of wishes on single tool of cycle,
Imaginative pictures and fantasy living,
Fabulous presentation of ecstatic world,
Encircled with bewitch spell

Lubricates its parts with hope and light,
Identify the paths, which are not right,
Fluxes and turns with every next movement,
Errand journey leads passengers to their doom

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