TD. Kumar

Biography of TD. Kumar

Born in 1940, I saw as a young boy the culmination in 1947 of free India under Gandhis leadership after centuries of colonization and royalties. I was and still now imbued with unique visionary idolism coupled with grass root pragmatic strategy. Combination and connection of ends and means which was Gandhis unique insight. I was trained in physics with masters. Though I was equally interested and soaked in literature and philosophy India, English, American, French, Russian and others. Now, after variety of experience, including Indian Revenue Service leaving the job in 1994 as a senior commissioner of Income Tax. I am a film maker, writer, director and producer. Writer(poetry, prose and articles) , social activist and trainer in HRD and human empowerment using various Indian and western techniques, old and new. My writing spans a large often contrasting area of science, philosophy, spiritualism and social cause. I have some rhymes in my poems it challenges and provokes me to explore new words, phrases and concepts. I offer my poems hoping the reader will get some value and insight. I request them to read it with love because it is offered with love. Updates

Bhagwad Geeta

Bhagwad Geeta, the most luminous gem
In the blood stained body of Mahabharata, the Great War epic
Inspiring realistic and sometimes sick
Geeta is a book of unparalleled fame.
Forged in the fire of the battle
A dialogue between God and man
Krishna and Arjuna, the guide and leading warrior of the battle
A resigned, depressed and confused man.
Delivering the deepest knowledge with vigorous energy

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