Tear Of An Angel S.R.B.W.

Tear Of An Angel S.R.B.W. Poems

1. Paper Roses 8/14/2009
2. The Lonesome Rain 8/14/2009
3. Silence Of Reckoning 8/14/2009
4. My Addiction Is Clear 8/14/2009
5. Sweet Blossoms Of Memory 8/14/2009
6. Gossamer Light 8/14/2009
7. My Renea 8/14/2009
8. Fallen Angel 8/14/2009
9. The Marker With No Name 8/15/2009
10. Autumn Leaves 8/15/2009
11. Tears 8/15/2009
12. She Waits 8/15/2009
13. Waterfall Of Your Love 8/15/2009
14. Spoken In Breeze 8/15/2009
15. Chasing The Day 8/15/2009
16. My New Crush 8/15/2009
17. The Tears In My Eyes 8/15/2009
18. Seasons Change 8/15/2009
19. I Am Rain 8/15/2009
20. Songs Of The Sea 8/15/2009
21. Waiting For The Light 8/15/2009
22. My Best Friend 8/15/2009
23. Moon Rise 8/15/2009
24. Sunset's Dance 8/15/2009
25. Ghost Of Moonlight 8/14/2009

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Best Poem of Tear Of An Angel S.R.B.W.

Ghost Of Moonlight

The bells sound in a solemn tone
The moonlight shines
Upon the unknown
Mysterious features of a face once seen
A voice once heard
As I believed
The chill of the wind shimmers up my Spine
I still remember
Still trying to forget
The words never spoken
The words of regret
An open Mic within my heart
Broke all silence
Within the dark
A passion untamed
A fire in the sky
Making a wish
A wish within your eyes
Those diamond stars cut so deep
No air could I breathe
For there you stand with your glare
My forgotten ghost
My nightmare

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Silence Of Reckoning

I journey through the thickned woods

The sound of the forest breatheing I can hear

Through the trees where birds sing

An inhale and exhale I am free

Breathe me

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