Tears of sorrow ...

Rookie (i have died a long time ago, yet i still walk in the living / I was born in darkness)

Tears of sorrow ... Poems

41. Good Bye 8/3/2006
42. Keep Walking 1/25/2010
43. Rape 4/26/2007
44. Darkness 8/10/2006
45. In The Power Of Love 6/19/2006
46. Frist Love 6/19/2006
47. Best Friend 6/19/2006
48. Dear Daddy 7/26/2007
49. Hate Myself 7/27/2007
50. Bye 4/24/2007
51. Are You Truly Happy? 5/17/2010
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Are You Truly Happy?

Is one able to smile when told to?
Is one truly happy with their life as it is right now?
Can you smile when asked if you are happy?
One can say he is content with life.
Yet there is that thought that lingers on his mind.
'I am content, but not happy.'
Yet if he were to say such a thing
He would be looked upon ungrateful when he truly is not.
Yet he has no choice but to lie those around him.
And put on a fake smile when it's truly a frown.
Do you not feel that empty void in your heart? In your life?
As each passing day goes by
As time moves forward ...

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My Feelings

Why dose everything that starts has its' end
I had made an illusion that
your love wasn't like that...
But my good luck has ended...
Now I have to suffer
Because without you,
I don't care to live
Today, I'll cry 24 hours
Just for today, I want to cry

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