Teasia Ruffin

Teasia Ruffin Poems

41. Eradicated 5/5/2013
42. Where Does The Time Go 12/3/2012
43. Revenge 12/30/2012
44. Key To My Heart 12/6/2012
45. Predator 5/7/2013
46. Goodbye 3/23/2013
47. Stuck Beneath The Bones 8/13/2013
Best Poem of Teasia Ruffin

Stuck Beneath The Bones

Watch as the unbeating souls float across the eye sight
Shadows stick to the ceiling and look down upon you
The voices tell their stories and scream in agony
Fight the urge to cut the healing wounds open
Pain and fear keeps your eyes open as it grows morning
Your past haunt you and makes you wanna kill yourself
Trapt in a world full of liars and problems
Sing old melodies to soothe the night
Am I ready to die?
Sorrow feels your already shattered heart
How much more can the heart endure?
How much more before I'm stuck beneath the bones?

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Where Does The Time Go

Life is moving very fast
Im not ready to face what the world has for me
I play around and dont take life serious
I may not graduate
I have to understand that life comes around once
I think I have all the time in the world
But I dont
The months are leaving me
I wish I had more time
Too late for that

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