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  • Charles Pfeffer (3/9/2005 9:35:00 PM)

    Ted Kooser wrote a poem abut a father receiving his daughter's coffin at a remote railroad station, and then taking it home. Where could I find this poem?
    Thank you,
    C. Pfeiffer

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  • Ruth Ferris (11/4/2004 9:47:00 AM)

    I understand Kooser wrote blizzard poetry. How can I get these? I have a student interested in building a poetry program on the topic for speech team.

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  • Marv Welt (10/25/2004 1:30:00 PM)

    Kooser wrote a poem about his father that ttalks of his fathers death. What poem and how can I get it? Thanks, Marv Welt

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  • Nancy Hamilton (10/14/2004 6:12:00 PM)

    Where can I find the poem 'That was I' by Ted Kooser I would enjoy having a copy to read to my class mates.

    Nancy Hamilton


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Best Poem of Ted Kooser

Selecting A Reader

First, I would have her be beautiful,
and walking carefully up on my poetry
at the loneliest moment of an afternoon,
her hair still damp at the neck
from washing it. She should be wearing
a raincoat, an old one, dirty
from not having money enough for the cleaners.
She will take out her glasses, and there
in the bookstore, she will thumb
over my poems, then put the book back
up on its shelf. She will say to herself,
"For that kind of money, I can get
my raincoat cleaned." And she will.

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After Years

Today, from a distance, I saw you
walking away, and without a sound
the glittering face of a glacier
slid into the sea. An ancient oak
fell in the Cumberlands, holding only
a handful of leaves, and an old woman
scattering corn to her chickens looked up
for an instant. At the other side
of the galaxy, a star thirty-five times