Ted L Glines

Rookie (13 December 1940 (Friday) / Long Beach, California USA)

Biography of Ted L Glines

Ted L Glines has been writing since 1965, mostly rhyming verse and song lyrics, along with some free verse and prose. In the beginning years, most of his works were activist oriented and connected to the 'freedom of speech' movement, with many poems published in college literary magazines and the 'underground' free press (Village Voice, etc.) . Having somewhat mellowed out in later years, Ted's works now lean more toward entertainment and humor. Major influences have been Edgar Allan Poe, Jack London, Patty Burkeen, Silvia Plath, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Wendy Baral Cooper, Shakespeare, H. P. Lovecraft, and Paul Simon. Currently residing in rural east Texas after escaping the battleground of southern California. Peace is good.

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by Ted L Glines

(There is a little bit of lion
in every tabby-cat. Once in a
while, you've got one with a
Napoleon complex...)

She don't want or need to hear

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