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Ted Sheridan Poems

361. Retirement Plans Pt.2 If The Cost Of Gas Keeps Going Higher 5/28/2008
362. Flies On Ted 5/25/2008
363. 1968 Overtures 7/11/2008
364. Little Smiles After The Rains 4/8/2008
365. I Remember The Year I Quit Climbing Trees 3/31/2008
366. Sign Of The Fish 3/28/2008
367. Tough Love And Salted Tears Of No Fear 3/23/2008
368. Home At Last 4/10/2008
369. What He Doesn'T Know Won'T Hurt Him Either 4/12/2008
370. If Your God Tells You To Hate Any People, Tell Him To Go To Hell 4/11/2008
371. Brie And Chablis Crowd 2/23/2008
372. Kats And Doggs 2/19/2008
373. Are Men Good Listeners? An Hour And Three Minutes Of Long Pauses Followed By Uh-Huh's 4/25/2008
374. Sacrificator Of Poetic Form 4/21/2008
375. Real Men Still Won'T Eat Quiche Unless She's Naked 4/21/2008
376. How To Write A Poem In Under Two Minutes 4/30/2008
377. Correlation Coefficient 5/8/2008
378. For Mum And Tara 5/1/2008
379. I'M So Damn Easy! ~but Not A Slut About It- I Beg With Dignity 2/5/2007
380. Wolfman 2/6/2007
381. Baghdad After Dark 2/15/2007
382. A Good Pair Of Swim Wings 8/24/2008
383. May The Bird Of Paradise..... 8/3/2008
384. Double Entendre 7/23/2008
385. Hen Pecked 7/23/2008
386. Certain Inalienable Rights 10/13/2008
387. Mother At 84 12/25/2008
388. Once A Liar...Not Always A Liar.... 5/21/2007
389. We Will All Be Good Niggers 4/25/2007
390. Platitudes From A Bartenders Guide To Life 6/8/2007
391. Six Thousand Seven Hundred And Forty Four Is Such A Sad Number 5/30/2007
392. Forever Joined Together At The Hip 7/9/2007
393. When Nine Out Of Ten Experts Agree 7/9/2007
394. Or 6/27/2007
395. Lycanthropy May Be Storm Related - Look Out Little Red Riding Hood 2/18/2007
396. A Wolf Can Lie Down With A Lamb...But A Lion And A Lamb? 2/16/2007
397. Comfort Zone....Total Denial 4/6/2007
398. Liberal Blogger 4/4/2007
399. Dying Is Like Taking A Vacation And Going To Cleveland 2/18/2007
400. Catfish Was Raised On A Farm But Won'T Milk The Cow-Pt. In A Series Of Poems Leading To My Death 9/30/2007
Best Poem of Ted Sheridan

*a Devoted Gardener Of Love And Beauty

I looked upon her beauty as a flower
I hesitated to pinch her from her stem
Instead I planted myself next to her
Where I too have flourished in a sense…..

Dedicated to my wife

2008 ©TS

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A Simple Twist Of Lemons

Like a blight of black flies
darkness had consumed my world.
A thousand mouths chewed my flesh
as they buzzed my every thought
with the pleasures
of a loaded Thirty-eight
and a liter of Imported Gin.
A permanent release from pain
was so simple,

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