Ted Sheridan

Ted Sheridan Poems

401. Catfish Was Raised On A Farm But Won'T Milk The Cow-Pt. In A Series Of Poems Leading To My Death 9/30/2007
402. Mirrorball 10/8/2007
403. The Birds Get Fifty Points For Hitting The Hood Of A Clean Car And 100 Bonus Points If They Spray The Windshield 10/10/2007
404. Mums The Word 10/1/2007
405. El Diablo Video Games 10/15/2007
406. Fishing With Mr. Wiffle ® 10/10/2007
407. Precipitating Circumstances 10/27/2007
408. Ask And She Won'T Answer - Go West Young Ask Go West 8/30/2007
409. Muses Aren'T Always Beautiful 8/9/2007
410. Benefits Paid To Your Heavenly Account But The Devil Is In The Details 7/22/2007
411. Phil Bart Kills Me 7/29/2007
412. The Brain Weevil 7/21/2007
413. Wild Twang You Make My Heart Sing...You Make Everything....Harder 7/11/2007
414. Genius Like Insanity Is No Longer In Scientific Use 11/11/2007
415. Kudos, Dittos And The Indifference Of Dildos 11/10/2007
416. Wholy Moley 11/24/2007
417. A December Night In The Deep South...Outside It Is 68 Degrees 12/16/2007
418. An Open Casket Funeral For His Muse 8/30/2007
419. The Difference Between A Rock And A Tree 10/13/2008
420. Glamour Shots 7/9/2007
421. Brown Shoes 2/13/2007
422. Gluttony 3/10/2008
423. Jive Poetry And The Poet Authorities 2/16/2007
424. A Simple Twist Of Lemons 2/5/2007
425. Years Of Beauty Sleep 6/29/2007
426. Looney Tunes 2/7/2008
427. Frosty The Snowman A Victim Of Global Warming 11/26/2007
428. Suicide Bombers Are Cowards 11/14/2007
429. Death Smells Like A Four Letter Word 2/22/2007
430. Hot Tracks Can'T Change The Facts That People Aren'T The Cause Of Global Warming 7/9/2007
431. Ways Of Checking Out Without The Pain Of Saying Goodbye 7/21/2007
432. Super Sized And Supervised At Fifty Five....The Hazards Of Eating Processed Cheese Foods..... 9/3/2007
433. The Thinking Man 9/13/2008
434. Loose Hips Sink Ships 12/8/2007
435. Lamian Lamentations 11/29/2007
436. She Caws For Help But Her Only Friends Have All Flown 11/11/2007
437. A World In Which Nearly Everybody Wants To Be A Millionaire 11/24/2007
438. Mesa Chow 9/16/2008
439. Open Bar For Agnostics 8/18/2008
440. Channeling Dead Poets 7/23/2008

Comments about Ted Sheridan

  • Emancipation Planz (5/21/2013 3:26:00 AM)

    R.I.P. Ted Sheridan... you were a wonderful poet (and mentor / encourager) to me... and when you told me after Hxx passed that *you were not much longer for this world yourself*... your brain was a goody... and sorely missed you will be by me... within within is wit... and fondly I remember it now... till the *next meeting* within the aroha... remembrances...

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  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (10/24/2008 3:21:00 AM)

    your poems nerrate the natural truth.

  • Amanda Lukas (4/9/2008 9:24:00 AM)

    A master of the art of sarcasm and wit, with pieces that both stir and charm the senses.

  • Ivan Donn Carswell (10/25/2007 12:54:00 PM)

    Ted Sheridan's redeeming virtues like his writing talent are real, not virtual. He stepped free of poetic mediocrity through a singular style and unique turn of phrase - all without pretention or ostentation. What you see is what you get - real observations, wit, wisdom and an inimitable verve. Rock on Ted! Regards, Ivan

  • Subbaraman N V (10/25/2007 1:08:00 AM)

    Fantastic! Deep thoughts and meaningful messages. Society needs such poets. Go strong, dear Ted!

  • Anna Russell (8/30/2007 5:08:00 PM)

    Ahh...like a pint of ice cold Guiness in the middle of a heatwave. Or new shoes. Well, I might be exaggerating about that last one, but still, he a damned good poet - and a damned fine man to boot.
    Anna xxx

  • Joseph Daly (8/10/2007 4:47:00 AM)

    It is said that first impressions can be decieving. I came late to Ted's writing because I was off-line for a while.

    Tara's comment says it all really.

    For me personally, I find a warmth to Ted's poems. They have a modern approach and yet are overflowing with emotion. His talent seems to be natural, but this is not meant to blind one to the fact that Ted is disciplined in his approach.

    Rarely have I seen sloppiness in Ted's works: his structures are fitting and no words seem to be wasted or put there for reasons of pretention.

  • Cheryl Lynn Moyer-peele Cheryl Lynn Moyer-peele (7/14/2007 11:22:00 AM)

    Ted -

    Keep rocking the boat baby! ....And if that dog with his head on his paws ever starts his revolution, tell him I'm in!

    Another fan - Cheryl Moyer

  • Tara very irritated with PH injustice (6/3/2007 8:57:00 AM)

    I love to read this mans work. Straight from the hip. Blunt. Poetic. Engaging. Erudite. Miss him, miss out. Perfect poet. And I wasn't even going for alliteration, just admiration. t x

Best Poem of Ted Sheridan

*a Devoted Gardener Of Love And Beauty

I looked upon her beauty as a flower
I hesitated to pinch her from her stem
Instead I planted myself next to her
Where I too have flourished in a sense…..

Dedicated to my wife

2008 ©TS

Read the full of *a Devoted Gardener Of Love And Beauty


She speaks of the old me....
the me that was always
fun and kept her laughing for hours
the man with whom
she fell in love
that man
the old me....
not this me....
The one she claims

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