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Ted Sheridan Poems

521. My Wife Left Me On Mother's Day, Guess I'M All Grown Up 5/11/2008
522. A Fear And Loathing Of Spotted Owls/In Memory Of Hunter S. Thompson Who Could Fire Off A Good Book In One Shot... 2/16/2008
523. My Father's Chain Of Command/ He Took No Prisoners 7/15/2007
524. An End To War 12/11/2007
525. The Devil Is In The Details 3/29/2008
526. Dad's Little Birthday Girl Is All Grown Up. 4/26/2008
527. Bad Parenting Is Habit Forming 12/12/2007
528. Driving My Mother's Old Retired Car 4/20/2008
529. Where Are Today's Political Poets And Pro-Fishing Activist At? 3/17/2008
530. The Power Of Prayer When Applied To The Theory Of Relativity 6/24/2007
531. Iraq Is No Vietnam 5/21/2007
532. Commuted Sentences Of Whoa 2/23/2007
533. The Case Of The Beamed Up Man In Apt 11b 9/15/2007
534. Wisdom 1/29/2009
535. Light Years Of Verse 9/21/2008
536. We'Re All Just Ordinary Geniuses 7/9/2007
537. And To Think I Once Called Her Princess 10/14/2007
538. The Aesthetic Faculties Of An American Icon 7/11/2007
539. Bad Sushi 7/11/2007
540. It Is A Good Day To Die Said The Old Man To The Sky 7/20/2007
541. O' That One Miracle Might Fall-Pt In A Series Of Poems Leading To My Death 9/30/2007
542. Rules Of Grammar And Nakedness Concealed Behind The A And The T 10/6/2007
543. A Healthy Diet 11/7/2007
544. Can'T See My Princess For The Trees 6/13/2007
545. 1948 Seems Like Yesterday 11/26/2008
546. *dylan’s Windmills/Camelot Blowing In The Wind 5/1/2010
547. He Gave His Life For Freedom 7/16/2007
548. Women Who Love Peanut Butter 12/28/2007
549. Missing In Action 2/18/2007
550. Asking For A Stiff Drink 7/23/2008
551. Bottled At The Source 6/25/2007
552. Expecting Everything That Comes Out Of His Head To Be F 'In Brilliant 8/30/2007
553. Blessed Friend 7/18/2008
554. Bbw And Canasta 5/3/2007
555. The More We Learn The Less We Know For Sure 1/12/2008
556. *scrambled 8/20/2010
557. 1967 Critiqued After All These Years 12/11/2007
558. A Slave To A Knave 7/21/2007
559. Deep Depression And The Lack Of Any Yearning 7/21/2007
560. Ez 7/20/2008
Best Poem of Ted Sheridan

*a Devoted Gardener Of Love And Beauty

I looked upon her beauty as a flower
I hesitated to pinch her from her stem
Instead I planted myself next to her
Where I too have flourished in a sense…..

Dedicated to my wife

2008 ©TS

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Smoking Gun

She kisses me with electronically
emailed but all too deadly kisses
She hugs me with caressing adjectives
and misplaced prepositions
She ties me up with my own
grammatical errors and misspellings
She finds me all to easy and willing......
Just like a bloodhound
she has followed my scent

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