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Ted Sheridan Poems

41. Married Forever And Still Playing By The Rules 7/2/2007
42. Black Cat Crossed Her Path On Friday The Thirteenth 7/13/2007
43. Moonshine Over Miami 7/13/2007
44. One Morning I Woke Up With This Tonsured Head And Had Left The Monastery 7/14/2007
45. Nut - The Egyptian Goddess Of The Sky - Aka The Moon Goddess Of Ph-Aka Beautiful Dreamer 7/15/2007
46. A Dipsomaniac's Drought Of Rational Thought 8/4/2007
47. Women Know That Old Men Have A Bad Aim 8/4/2007
48. Zero Was Erased By A Fine Looking Ten 8/11/2007
49. The Audubon Society Of Homeless 8/16/2007
50. Christ What Have I Gone And Done 8/27/2007
51. Napoleon Complex And Compelled 8/27/2007
52. Spun Tales Of A Boy's Childhood Put Into Proper Context 8/30/2007
53. Most Good People Get To Die In Their Sleep / In Loving Memory Of Cedar Gay 8/30/2007
54. Expecting Everything That Comes Out Of His Head To Be F 'In Brilliant 8/30/2007
55. Pottymouth Tinkles Like A Slow Bladder 8/30/2007
56. Mersey Maggie Was Navigable By Oceangoing Vessels 9/1/2007
57. Jack's Giant Epiphany That God Just Might Not Care About Your Money 9/6/2007
58. Lady Al Qaeda 9/7/2007
59. Voids Which Can Never Be Filled 9/13/2007
60. The Case Of The Beamed Up Man In Apt 11b 9/15/2007
61. When God Calls Upon Deaf Ears-Part In A Series Of Poems Leading To My Death 9/30/2007
62. Rabid Frog With Wart Lips-Pt In A Series Of Poems Leading To My Death 9/30/2007
63. His Goal Had Always Been To Out Live Senator Robert Byrd Who Was Thirty One Years His Senior 8/3/2007
64. The Mad Poet Get's His Wings 8/3/2007
65. We Were The Perfect Match....Once 10/6/2007
66. Gusseted Body Bags Of Love 10/6/2007
67. Cockroaches On Wheels 10/9/2007
68. Our Father In Heaven Please Save Our Daughter From Herself 10/12/2007
69. Beautiful People Tested By The Fire Of A Loving God 10/24/2007
70. Rush Limbaugh Tosses Hat Into 2008 Presidential Elections 10/25/2007
71. Hemp Headed Epiphany 10/28/2007
72. Lola Plays Sharky For All The Money 11/8/2007
73. X Marks The Spot 11/10/2007
74. The Emperor Has No Clothes...By Hands Atheist Lewinsky 11/18/2007
75. If The Shoe Fits Man Will Then Try To Silence The Tongue 11/24/2007
76. Someone Set The Cake On Fire 11/27/2007
77. Aesop’s Empty Clip 11/28/2007
78. Busy Signal In Heaven 12/28/2007
79. Birdie Daycare System 12/28/2007
80. God Bless The Child Who Has His Own Jungle Home 12/28/2007
Best Poem of Ted Sheridan

*retirement Plans

The religious man
may have a questionable retirement plan
his devout faith in God
will always pay him the highest dividends….

2008 © T Sheridan

Read the full of *retirement Plans


She speaks of the old me....
the me that was always
fun and kept her laughing for hours
the man with whom
she fell in love
that man
the old me....
not this me....
The one she claims

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