Ted Sheridan

Ted Sheridan Poems

41. Homo Erect Us With A Complex 4/26/2008
42. Progenies Of Our Creative Efforts...Or How To Control Vermin 4/26/2008
43. No News Would Be Good News 4/27/2008
44. Exile On Curmudgeon Street 4/29/2008
45. Curmudgeons Are Very Funny People Yet All Too Often Overlooked As Such 4/29/2008
46. The Way Mary Votes So Goes The Lamb 4/29/2008
47. Sharing Birthdays And War Stories 4/28/2008
48. Fish Eating Rats 4/28/2008
49. Proverb Of Delusional Grandeur 4/30/2008
50. Poetry Is Not Dead, Only Sobering Up From A Century Of Heavy Drinking 5/1/2008
51. Hunting Al- Qaeda 5/1/2008
52. Waking Up At One A.M. To P And Let The Dog Out For A Drink 5/1/2008
53. Breakfast Of Champions 5/2/2008
54. Between-Us 5/8/2008
55. Still Waters Deep In Thought 5/14/2008
56. Peniaphobia 5/14/2008
57. Tyke 5/14/2008
58. The Aerobics Of Improving The Body's Use Of Oxygen 5/15/2008
59. Smoking Banana Peels 5/15/2008
60. Old Time Rock And Roller By The Name Of Lola 5/16/2008
61. Never Could Accept She Was Last Year's Model 5/17/2008
62. Five Seconds Longer Than The Other Guy In The Crosshairs Of War 5/17/2008
63. The Unfairness Of An Aborted Life 5/17/2008
64. He Loves Her Bacon 5/18/2008
65. Two Birds Walked Into A Bar 5/20/2008
66. So Much For Becoming A Vegan 5/20/2008
67. Erotic Geriatrics 5/21/2008
68. Fire At Will (Version 2 After Being Critically Fired Upon) 5/23/2008
69. Over Slept 5/24/2008
70. Certain Properties Always Remain Invariant 5/24/2008
71. Dark Religion 5/25/2008
72. Other Than Reproducing What Do Yellow Jackets Do? 5/25/2008
73. Missing In Action Part 3 “another Even Bigger Lie” 5/28/2008
74. Missing In Action Part 4 “will We Ever Learn” 5/28/2008
75. Missing In Action- Free At Last 5/30/2008
76. Missing In Action/ Just Like Love 5/30/2008
77. Resisting My Temptation To Spike The Lemonade 6/8/2008
78. Earmarks 6/8/2008
79. It Should Be Illegal For Anyone To Be Allowed To Have This Much Fun… 6/8/2008
80. Utah Me Pa? 6/8/2008
Best Poem of Ted Sheridan

*a Devoted Gardener Of Love And Beauty

I looked upon her beauty as a flower
I hesitated to pinch her from her stem
Instead I planted myself next to her
Where I too have flourished in a sense…..

Dedicated to my wife

2008 ©TS

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A Simple Twist Of Lemons

Like a blight of black flies
darkness had consumed my world.
A thousand mouths chewed my flesh
as they buzzed my every thought
with the pleasures
of a loaded Thirty-eight
and a liter of Imported Gin.
A permanent release from pain
was so simple,

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