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Ted Sheridan Poems

121. That Sucking Sound One Hears 2/4/2007
122. Fishing In The Office Pool 2/5/2007
123. Swimming Lessons In Life 2/5/2007
124. She Was An Editor Who Fancied Herself A Poet 2/5/2007
125. The Genius Of Being A Dumb Animal (Like A Horse For Instance) 2/5/2007
126. The Garrulous Wind With Whom I Am Friends 2/5/2007
127. I Offer My Throat 2/5/2007
128. No Respect 2/9/2007
129. Pain = Pleasure? 2/9/2007
130. The Difference Between A Hero And A Zero 2/9/2007
131. Voodoo To You Too 2/12/2007
132. Oral Enema For Potty Mouth 2/12/2007
133. Soap On More Than A Rope 2/13/2007
134. She Is An Aesthetic Cultivator Of Cannabis 2/13/2007
135. Current Affair 2/15/2007
136. Tin Cups Or Collection Trays..... 2/15/2007
137. Life Is But A Song 2/15/2007
138. This Afraid Of Aging Thing Has Gone To Far! 2/13/2007
139. Ashes To Ashes 2/13/2007
140. She Gives Him A New Reason To Live Even If He Is Butt Ugly 2/15/2007
141. Bottom Of My Wife And I'M Out.... 2/15/2007
142. Is Death A Beautiful Lady? 2/15/2007
143. She Was A Hybrid Flower; I Was Only A Weed In Her Garden 2/16/2007
144. Organ Donor 2/18/2007
145. Giving Rosie A Ride On Constitution Street 2/18/2007
146. Peyote Dreams 2/18/2007
147. The Prayer Of Fear Or Why Can'T We Just All Get Along... 2/18/2007
148. There Is A Communist Under Her Bed 2/18/2007
149. My Love Is Forever The Critic 2/18/2007
150. Any Good Pig Resents Being Called Chauvinist 2/18/2007
151. For Whom The Toll Booth Tolls 2/23/2007
152. Inverse Functions Of Time And Space As They Apply To Coughing Up Phlegm 3/21/2007
153. Stranded On A Deserted Island In The Middle Of Miami 4/4/2007
154. Terrorist Have A Social Disease 4/6/2007
155. It All Comes Down To This 4/11/2007
156. Unlimited Long Distance For Under Thirty Dollars 5/12/2007
157. Haiku #1 (From This Is Sea World Orlando Another Wasteland) 5/31/2007
158. Have You See That Damn Commercial For Head On? 5/31/2007
159. First Maggots Then Flies....With Your Happy Meal 6/1/2007
160. My Inner Room 5/30/2007
Best Poem of Ted Sheridan

*a Devoted Gardener Of Love And Beauty

I looked upon her beauty as a flower
I hesitated to pinch her from her stem
Instead I planted myself next to her
Where I too have flourished in a sense…..

Dedicated to my wife

2008 ©TS

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Verbose Gibberish

It is the virtue of civility
that holds me in check
and keeps me from exposing
my privates
to just anyone
It is the decorousness of my youth
in direct proportion to my longevity
which protects me from revealing
my secret sauces

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