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Ted Sheridan Poems

241. A Perverse Logic Based On Bong Hits 2/2/2009
242. Suicidal Squirrels 1/5/2009
243. Dirt Nap 8/29/2008
244. Men Don'T Marry Strippers For The Conversation 2/9/2008
245. Unchaster 2/9/2008
246. The Hazards Of Being A Dad 2/10/2008
247. White Guilt 1/26/2008
248. Where The Rubber Hits The Road 1/24/2008
249. Dark Ages 1/18/2008
250. Nightmare On A Dead End Path To Hell 1/13/2008
251. Conscientious Objector 1/20/2008
252. Following The Queen's Rules On The Trapping Of Flies 1/5/2008
253. My Old Dog Named Puddles That Can'T Hold Her Water 1/5/2008
254. Why I Drink Cheap Wine 1/5/2008
255. Living With A Pimp 12/28/2007
256. Busy Signal In Heaven 12/28/2007
257. Birdie Daycare System 12/28/2007
258. Rabid Frog With Wart Lips-Pt In A Series Of Poems Leading To My Death 9/30/2007
259. Mersey Maggie Was Navigable By Oceangoing Vessels 9/1/2007
260. Zero Was Erased By A Fine Looking Ten 8/11/2007
261. His Goal Had Always Been To Out Live Senator Robert Byrd Who Was Thirty One Years His Senior 8/3/2007
262. Napoleon Complex And Compelled 8/27/2007
263. Most Good People Get To Die In Their Sleep / In Loving Memory Of Cedar Gay 8/30/2007
264. Reflections Of George Soros...Or George Orwell? 5/21/2007
265. Katie Couric Has Just Been Charged In The Murder Of Cbs Evening World News 3/19/2007
266. If Hell Exist It Can'T Be Hell Enough For Men Like Him 4/24/2007
267. Tiptoeing In The Cracks Where I Am Still Free 4/28/2007
268. Who Caught Whom...A Shameless Plug For Mr. Wiffle Lures 5/10/2007
269. Send Me A Note And Let Me Know You'Re Alright 2/16/2007
270. Is There A Doctor In Either House? (Washington Politics) 2/6/2007
271. The Devil Is A Lady 2/12/2007
272. Following Polaris With Eyes On The Back Of My Head 6/4/2008
273. America The Beautiful As A Second Language 5/29/2008
274. On Myself 6/6/2008
275. Exponential Functions 6/25/2008
276. Bad Der Zensur 6/27/2008
277. The Pros And Cons Of Marital Dependency 6/7/2008
278. Vindictive Little Propugner 7/12/2008
279. Peach Fuzz 7/12/2008
280. The Fetishes You Seek 7/13/2008
Best Poem of Ted Sheridan

*a Devoted Gardener Of Love And Beauty

I looked upon her beauty as a flower
I hesitated to pinch her from her stem
Instead I planted myself next to her
Where I too have flourished in a sense…..

Dedicated to my wife

2008 ©TS

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Peacemaker's Epigram

They all walk like ducks
and they definetly all look like cool cats...
but they bark like dogs.
And yet what comes out of their mouths
is still a lot of quacking.....

tedG.Sheridan 2007 ©

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