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Ted Sheridan Poems

281. Built A Shed Over The Tool 7/7/2008
282. Black Magic Marker 7/7/2008
283. Plumb Dumb 7/9/2008
284. Pub Of Perdition 5/24/2008
285. Missing In Action. Part 2 “the Big Lie” 5/28/2008
286. A Paradigm For Large And Small 5/18/2008
287. Who Crows First...The Egg Or The Omelet? 5/12/2008
288. What The Eyes Fail To Surmise The Heart Will Eventually Recognize 5/8/2008
289. Stays And Runaways 5/11/2008
290. Coup De Grâce And Vichyssoise Served Cold 5/17/2008
291. Man Of Constant Sorrows... 4/28/2008
292. It's The Cure That Kills You 5/1/2008
293. Compared To What, Castration? 5/2/2008
294. Touché; The Current Rate Of Exchange For A Pound Of Flesh 4/26/2008
295. What The Flowers Saw 4/22/2008
296. Profit Mohammad 4/25/2008
297. Victory Everyday 4/9/2008
298. The Emancipation Of Fear And Loathing 2/17/2008
299. Federalist Brand Rolling Papers Go Up In Smoke 3/23/2008
300. We All Have To Sit In The Back Of The Bus Sometimes In Order To Get To Where We'Re Going.. 3/27/2008
301. A Pheromonal Reaction To The Blooming Pear Tree 3/9/2008
302. Liberals Vs Conservatives Dance Contest-Bush Wins 2/22/2008
303. Green Gods And Agnostic Readers Of Compost 2/23/2008
304. Oil Could Reach $500.00 A Barrel And Death Tolls Could Rise In The Millions If Global Warming Isn'T Stopped 3/16/2008
305. Oppressive Expressionistic Poetry For The Sake Of Art 3/17/2008
306. Contrition 3/23/2008
307. Good Lord Could You Be Any Less Specific? 3/24/2008
308. Schmoozing With The Concept Of An Eternal Life 3/24/2008
309. Food For The Gods 12/16/2007
310. Sign In Please 12/12/2007
311. The Revolution Of A Rabid And Zealot Dog 12/15/2007
312. The Color Of Perfect 12/6/2007
313. The Sound Of Nuts Cracking 12/6/2007
314. The Senseless Loss Of One's Virginity 12/8/2007
315. Comatose Disclosure Form 11/17/2007
316. Lions, Tigers And Let's Not Forget The Apes 11/22/2007
317. Faith Has Nothing To Offer You If You Don'T Know What It Is 11/30/2007
318. Aquarium Dreams 11/24/2007
319. Proximate Words Of Good And Evil 11/10/2007
320. Go Quietly And With A Poem In Your Heart My Love, My Love 11/11/2007
Best Poem of Ted Sheridan

*a Devoted Gardener Of Love And Beauty

I looked upon her beauty as a flower
I hesitated to pinch her from her stem
Instead I planted myself next to her
Where I too have flourished in a sense…..

Dedicated to my wife

2008 ©TS

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Peacemaker's Epigram

They all walk like ducks
and they definetly all look like cool cats...
but they bark like dogs.
And yet what comes out of their mouths
is still a lot of quacking.....

tedG.Sheridan 2007 ©

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