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Biography of Teddy Crispin

My name is Teddy Crispin, writing has always been a passion for me, in 1985, I was present at the “Forum of Young Creators” in the “Poetry” category, an event organized by the French Information and Documentation Center for Youth: CIDJ.

In 1989, for my journalistic achievements, I was awarded the “Media Award In Your Country” by the International Union of Young Journalists of the Catholic Press.

In 1988, I was in the French Army where I was an “Opérateur Centraliste”, and I even ended up with the accolade of First Class Soldier.

And today, I am pleased to share with you my book, DIX PETITS POEMES AND MORE published on Kindle eBook, ten little poems of mine and more, that will possibly make it around the world, and be to your liking.

Teddy Crispin

Some of my poems can be read here:

http: //www.amazon.fr/dp/B01KCUOZPS

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Teddy Crispin's Works:

Teddy Crispin: Dix Petits Poèmes and More: Kindle Edition

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