Teedy Dawn

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Biography of Teedy Dawn

Teedy was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England in 1966. The only child of working class parents, Teedy attended Bradford University and qualified as a teacher.
Blessed with the gift of dyslexia Teedy has made writing one of her specialist subjects and poetry is her greatest love. Teedy draws a great deal of inspiration from 'people watching' and her own experiences of 'Northern life'.'Poetry is a wonderful art form for capturing and reflecting the diverse and often complex world in which we live'. Teedy's favourite poets are W H Auden and Wilfred Owen. 'Give me the true, harsh, grit of realism over flowers and nightingales any day! '
'If I died I would like to be reborn as John Cooper Clarke' Teedy xxx

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New Girl Eaten Alive

The office shark lies silently in languid pools of loathing,
She waits; waits for her moment to mock and mark my failings.
Behind sham sincerity she hides, her mind adrift in a sea of desperate measure.

Her tone is soothing and gently lapping, drawing me closer into to her confidence,
She offers friendship, making me feel that I am not alone,
That we can ride the storm, no matter what, together.

In my naivety I cling to her; she is my rock, my lifeline,

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