Temperance Joy

Rookie (4/17/90 / Templeton)

Biography of Temperance Joy

My poems are inspired by anything and everything. From the rain outside my window, to the pain of a broken heart. From a day in the sun, to a night on the town. From songs to movies. Anything can spur a creative moment. A book. A song. A quote on the board. Creativity can't be called upon. It can't be summoned. I keep a pen in my hand and paper in my purse, always ready to write something down. It never fails. Live life like that, and you will never miss a creative moment.

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This Love

Failed love letters.
A ring on a chain.
Fingers laced together
In the cold pouring rain.
All the cold in the world
Couldn't freeze through my heart.
All the hands in the world
Couldn't tear this apart.
This love that i give you

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