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still naive about life, living it all the way my way, i like being the boss myself, i hate being a refugee, yet i am a proud Tibetan, love to read light stuff, love music, love roaming around, travelling, laughing a lot, cooking sometime, movies, what else? ?

i speak a lot unknowingly sometime, and you better let me know when that happens. if you don't like seeing me, i'd say get your eyes some rest! ! LOL

I would love to get your comments and critics on my poems... feels good to be a member here...

love and lots of love

Tenzin Tibet Kunsang's Works:

nothing that i'd remember, LOL...

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The Ultimate Truth

It's not the traffic
It's not the noise
It's not the competition
It's your ill-defined mind
That seeks
And that seeks
Visit your neighbour
Care for a cup of coffee
Visit people in dismal

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