Tera Siren

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Biography of Tera Siren

(My names not realy Tera so this isn't my biography[mostly])

Born and raised in a small town, she has saw many things from rape to murder.Her mother was killed infront of her eyes when she was 8 and her real father she has never known.Her step father was not a bad man but was furious at her mother thinking she cheated on him.That was not true.Her mother was forced to 'do it' with the biological father.Her mom could never tell her step dad though in fear the man would kill her.But one day the info was finaly forced out of her.The man found out and came to kill tera but her mom save her.Tera had to grow up on the streats for she feared her father.She now is the person I use for all my poems and stories.

Tera Siren's Works:

Eventualy I will have a book tittled
.: |A Sirens Cry|: .
based on my person Tera Siren

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Unwanted Tears

Unwanted tears fill my eyes
No ones here to hear my crys
It made me sad when you left my side
You left me here alone, just to die

Unwanted tears cover my face
The fact that you left this place
I wish you were here to see my cry
So you too can feel like you've died

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