Life. (Spectral Images and Images Of Light) are mirrors, reflections, images of life. The concept and agenda was to write slices of life, splices, dealing with morality and motovating factors, which make people think. In an increasingly technological world, where black and white often degrades into shades of grey, complex or trivial, beautiful or ugly; I wrote to read smoothly or grate, and many shades in between. I believe poetic themes topics, sometimes suggest or demand to be written in specific ways, to highlight spotlight or suggest an idea or series of ideas, or to reflect a favour shade of life.
Many people seem to believe the persona and tone of a poem reflects the belief system of the poet, but persona and tone if used skilfully create emotive responses, desired thought upon a topic identified and written upon. Misconceptions about my intentions, what I am actually stating earns me occasional stalkers, and hate responses, but if we do not address unpalatable social issues who will?
If we do not walk in the shoes of the underdog occasionally, reflect views of bigots, social prejudices who will? Sweeping wrongs of society under the mat does not address wrongs and promote needed change.
Long ago I decided to write slices of life, to reflect realities of contemporary society as I perceived them, both beautiful and ugly, which evolved into the concepts (Spectral Images and Images Of Light) and (afterglows echoes of starlight) . Thus I still address such issues. Those of us who care must occasionally be crucified upon our crosses.
Tomorrow or in a few days, there is the hope the allure, of perhaps writing something good. Poetry can cover or address intense, personal, mundane or generic topics and themes, but the aim was to illustrate and portray grains of truth pertaining to the human condition.
It does not matter if a poem is good or bad, if an element of reality is captured through the looking glass or sliced under the microscope. Beautiful or nice poems are appreciated, but the reality of the human condition also includes less noble aspects of human behaviour. Thus the rational for spectral images and images of life, to include snapshots of society, past and contemporary.
New Zealand poetry seemed provincial, I wanted to address global issues and universal themes, which defined a broader human experience, therefore my brushstrokes could be procise or rapid rushed ugly; under or over done would not suit all tastes, but life is simple complex, tragedy comedy and tragicomedy is my true to reality.
Life is glorious or conflicted, as changeable as the weather in some locations, or mundane and predictable but life should contain myraids of emotions. I caught a little of this in nets of words, and some poems were written to grate, poke in the eye, hook the mouth; because themes can demand variety with a contrast of conflicting words, the world sings or screams words at us, we can listen in multiple ways.
I have moved into a later phase, (afterglows echoes of starlight) , but presently I am adding mainly early poems, written in New Zealand; the period between living for four years in Istanbul Turkey and before living in Jakarta Indonesia for 10 years. This time frame covers the period included in the poems which I put on line as Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light) , therefore I will mark them with an * before them, to make them more time specific, and identify these poems as earlier poems. Later when I add more poems written in Jakarta, I will mark them with **.
The dates these poems were written is indicated in the storyline data below them.
I write when time allows and sometimes prolifically, usually with the love and pleasure, which writing poetry provides. Recently I have been off line for about 4 months and will add a few older poems until I have more time.
Lovers of poetry will find some topics they like among my poems and also topics less common. Some poems you will like, others will not appeal, this is the nature of diversity and our personal preferences. I wish you joy in the quest of reading our muse poetry.
Before returning to New Zealand I submitted poems on this site as Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light) . These were some earlier poems written in New Zealand and Istanbul Turkey, but predominantly poems written in Jakarta Indonesia where I lived for 10 years.
Perhaps one day I will post poems that were stored in New Zealand and survived the flooding in my sister's house in Christchurch, post the earthquakes which devastated that city in New Zealand. But the present seems to take priority.
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