Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

Gold Star - 87,279 Points [Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light), Terry Craddock] (November 16 / New Zealand)

Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight) Poems

1041. Nature Balances Harmony In All Seasons 4/26/2015
1042. Advantages Many In Owning Your Home 4/26/2015
1043. Owning Your Own Dream House 4/26/2015
1044. Live Where You Can Reality Checks? 4/26/2015
1045. Owning Your Own First Home 4/26/2015
1046. Yesterday's Disaster Hectic Adjustments 4/26/2015
1047. Put Away Rainy Day Defences 4/26/2015
1048. Weather Related Property Expressions 4/26/2015
1049. Owning A House Curve Ball Bills 4/27/2015
1050. * Who Cares For The Poor Left Out In The Cold? 4/27/2015
1051. * Sentenced To Cold Shadows 4/27/2015
1052. Sentenced To Filth Rags Degraded Stupor 4/27/2015
1053. Sun Seeking Flies 4/27/2015
1054. Space Opera Flies Celebrates Air Current Sticky Summer Days 4/27/2015
1055. By What Right? A Lesson In Intolerance! 4/27/2015
1056. Fly High Upon Healed Wings 5/3/2015
1057. Insurance Needed Chimney Cleaners? 5/3/2015
1058. Warm Fire Warm Fire 5/3/2015
1059. Modern Age Capitalist Serfdom 5/3/2015
1060. Put A Little Heat In Life 5/3/2015
1061. Immigrants Migrate Because? 5/3/2015
1062. Out In The Cold 5/3/2015
1063. Weatherman Says Fourteen Days Of Rains 5/3/2015
1064. An Empty Neglected House Purchased Repaired 5/4/2015
1065. I Believe In Kindness 5/4/2015
1066. Ants Share Unified Prosperity 5/4/2015
1067. Lines Sand Falling Through Time 5/4/2015
1068. Tidal Dreams Surge 5/4/2015
1069. Dream Siren Calls: Cast Upon Rocks 5/4/2015
1070. Dreams Siren Calls: Starlight Sparkling Waters 5/4/2015
1071. Beautiful Words To Me Speak 5/4/2015
1072. Sanity Bites: In An Insane World 5/5/2015
1073. When Mist Dew Heavy Comes 5/5/2015
1074. Mist Rain Seals My View 5/5/2015
1075. When The World Mists Over 5/5/2015
1076. A Harsh Reality Of The Legal Code 5/5/2015
1077. Legal Property: Capitalism Or Slavery? 5/5/2015
1078. Time Illusions Age Altering Memories 5/6/2015
1079. Our Future Past Opportunities Born 5/6/2015
1080. Butterfly Past Purchased Freedom Flight 5/6/2015
Best Poem of Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

Water Of Life

water flowing
in mountains streams creeks rivers
water trickling
racing to fill ponds lakes oceans

water mist breath allowing
myriad life possibilities
water small droplets sowing
web of life potential diverse forms

without water there would
be no magnificient
earth life lusting swarms

vast planet wide oceans
filling teeming brimming
with species complexities

water vast percentages
of amazing cells
that strata comprise
all living organisms

water sustaining
growth creating
spun life webs

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Awake Behold The Sun

awake behold the sun stars
let there be light first light
and there was birth light
spoken into existence

with a word

galaxies universes
a cosmos of thought
birth born expanding thought
birthing flotsam solar systems

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

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