Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

Gold Star - 87,279 Points [Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light), Terry Craddock] (November 16 / New Zealand)

Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight) Poems

2361. In Flight In Darkness Shadows 1/6/2017
2362. The Sun Will Sunrise Rise Till Noon Then Sunset Set 1/8/2017
2363. Say Something Before It Is Too Late: Protect Sacred Tribal Lands 1/9/2017
2364. Earth Pulse Infuses Lives 1/9/2017
2365. Nature Infuses Human Lives 1/9/2017
2366. Sacred Nature Breathing A Spiritual Deep Love 1/9/2017
2367. Us Army Veteran Snipers Rubber Bullet Shooting Native Americans 1/9/2017
2368. Tomorrow To Write 1/9/2017
2369. Synchronicity Ephemeral Expressions 1/9/2017
2370. Wisdom Comes Not With Security Comfort Ease 1/9/2017
2371. Writing Like There Is Will Be No Tomorrow 1/9/2017
2372. A Smile A Few Kind Words 1/9/2017
2373. We Sing Bird Song Words 1/10/2017
2374. Coffee Makes Me Feel Good 1/10/2017
2375. From Roman Toga To Limelight Nightclub Caesar 1/10/2017
2376. Life Time Flows In Ancient Reproductive Life Cycles 1/11/2017
2377. True Love Takes A Lover's Leap 1/11/2017
2378. A Well Of Tears That Fills An Entire Sea 1/11/2017
2379. Cupid's Love Arrows Compatible Mismatched 1/11/2017
2380. Gender Dating Game Is A Dice Cast Privilege Pickled Stew 1/11/2017
2381. Dressed Really Attractive Appealing Appearing Available 1/11/2017
2382. Headless Mannequin Choices For Roaring Twenties Flapper Girls 1/12/2017
2383. A Mannequin Picture Artistically Pictorially Depicting Mammon 1/12/2017
2384. Prada Dressed In Style Stealing Spotlight Moments 1/12/2017
2385. Beauty Is Panorama Pot Of Gold Brushstrokes 1/12/2017
2386. Sunrise Radiant Rays Illuminating Reflecting Rays Of Light 1/12/2017
2387. Bully Bitter Moments Sowing Broken Lives 1/12/2017
2388. Kindness Blooms Wins Loyal Real Friendships 1/12/2017
2389. Coffee Run Or Run On The Coffee? 1/12/2017
2390. Wisdom Is? 1/13/2017
2391. Silent Listening Learning Is A Way To Live Wise 1/13/2017
2392. Masters Of Wisdom Do No Harm 1/13/2017
2393. Cadence Song Sung By Choir Light Universe Stars 1/5/2017
2394. Wisdom Awaits Awakening In Silent Depths 1/13/2017
2395. It Is The Sun That Wilts And The Onslaught Of Age 1/13/2017
2396. Flower And Fair Maiden Must Fade Death Slain 1/13/2017
2397. Smooth Illusion Surface Appearances 1/14/2017
2398. An Unspoken Script 1/14/2017
2399. A Thief Stole Money But Not A Heart 1/14/2017
2400. Youth Dances In Summer Rain Joy 1/14/2017
Best Poem of Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

Water Of Life

water flowing
in mountains streams creeks rivers
water trickling
racing to fill ponds lakes oceans

water mist breath allowing
myriad life possibilities
water small droplets sowing
web of life potential diverse forms

without water there would
be no magnificient
earth life lusting swarms

vast planet wide oceans
filling teeming brimming
with species complexities

water vast percentages
of amazing cells
that strata comprise
all living organisms

water sustaining
growth creating
spun life webs

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Awake Behold The Sun

awake behold the sun stars
let there be light first light
and there was birth light
spoken into existence

with a word

galaxies universes
a cosmos of thought
birth born expanding thought
birthing flotsam solar systems

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

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