Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

Gold Star - 87,279 Points [Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light), Terry Craddock] (November 16 / New Zealand)

Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight) Poems

3041. Ok To Crash And Burn 1/22/2014
3042. Come What May? 1/30/2014
3043. Summer Afternoon Silences 1/27/2014
3044. Life Puzzles 1/24/2014
3045. Orpheus Ritual Cave Tour Guide 1/24/2014
3046. Early Morning Gun Toting Kid 1/16/2016
3047. Wasting Taken For Granted Planet Earth 1/19/2016
3048. Our Soul Journey Extends Into Galaxies Infinities 2/27/2016
3049. Polly Perkins Whistles Up Memories Piercing 12/4/2016
3050. Born Into Perfected Eternity 7/9/2016
3051. A Hand Sketched Landscape For What Purpose? 6/1/2015
3052. Attaining World Peace: Simple Artistic Solutions 9/13/2015
3053. Mihaela Pirjol Writes A Personal Lord's Prayer 9/17/2015
3054. Ripples In The Water 12/20/2015
3055. Sky Sings Wind Romance Thermals 12/20/2015
3056. Warming Waiting Wallflower Trees 12/23/2015
3057. Marriage Personality Danger Splinters 12/23/2015
3058. Genuine Instant Beautiful Smiles 7/9/2016
3059. Silent Tear Filled Eyes 12/7/2016
3060. Rest Is A Requisite For Writing Well 1/9/2017
3061. Love Harmony Waves Vibrant Sow Light 1/5/2017
3062. Choose The Way Of Peace Or War? 1/14/2017
3063. Flowers Next Day Sunbathing On Lower Ranges 1/14/2017
3064. A Golden-Haired Lady Walked Under Chestnut Trees 1/14/2017
3065. An Earthquake Mountains Moves 1/20/2017
3066. In A Climate Hot A Palm-Tree Dreams Of A Fir-Tree Longingly 1/22/2017
3067. Hear Listen To... 1/31/2017
3068. In Sleep At Work In Dreams 1/29/2017
3069. Declaration Post Breast Cancer Courage 8/17/2014
3070. Families That Communicate Stay Together 3/2/2014
3071. Teaching Children Responsibility 5/2/2014
3072. A Tired Single Parent Working Luxury 7/17/2014
3073. Death Sprung Sudden Bitter Sting 9/11/2014
3074. Share Eternities In Time 5/7/2014
3075. Gifts From Poetic Minds 12/27/2015
3076. New Energy Fields Cosmic Love 12/31/2015
3077. Season Of Sun Rays Basking Sunbathing 1/3/2016
3078. Death And I Rode Motorbikes Together For Decades 1/3/2016
3079. Adjust Time Changes Appropriately Promptly 1/5/2016
3080. Year Ending Minds Focus On New Year's Resolutions 1/3/2016
Best Poem of Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

Water Of Life

water flowing
in mountains streams creeks rivers
water trickling
racing to fill ponds lakes oceans

water mist breath allowing
myriad life possibilities
water small droplets sowing
web of life potential diverse forms

without water there would
be no magnificient
earth life lusting swarms

vast planet wide oceans
filling teeming brimming
with species complexities

water vast percentages
of amazing cells
that strata comprise
all living organisms

water sustaining
growth creating
spun life webs

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Mountain King Corridors

i am not
worried about

in the hall
of mountain
greedy king

the doors

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