Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

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Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight) Quotes

  • '''tomorrow is the land of dreams, in dreams we may walk in paradise, sow seeds of purity peace into our lives'''
    Terence George Craddock February 2016 on the 26.2.2016
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  • ''Among all ages genders and social classes are people hurting, times and places differ, circumstances differ, but pain is universal, suffering hurting are universal; we are all victims we are all part of the solution, take time to care to heal to restore pride dignity humanity to hurting masses.''
    Terence George Craddock March 2016 on the 6.3.2016
  • ''The traditional view of what makes a good man is a warped distorted tapestry, when society proclaimed that men be strong resolute show no emotions, society blocked the venting of volcanic frustrations emotions, it takes a man to admit he is wrong, it takes a man to cry.''
    Terence George Craddock March 2016 on the 10.3.2016
  • ''We need to rewrite the rule book of what makes us human, restore balance and proclaim that people are more valuable than profit property and possessions, we need to invest in human hearts human lives and promote humility kindness forgiveness love not war.''
    Terence George Craddock March 2016 on the 10.3.2016
  • ''It is hard for many people to know who they are when they are sold a false bill of materialistic and unrealistic dreams; joy and contentment are often found in small things and work well done; thinking and wearing your heart on your sleeve means facing loss mistakes disappointment and unresolved issues; it should also mean the desire to resolve past issues move on and love life; first we have to make a form of peace with ourselves, before we can effectively have healthy peaceful relationships, with family friends and strangers, because all strangers are potential friends. The reality is life contains measures of opportunities joys difficulties problems and conflict, life is hard, good friends help us carry the load.''
    Terence George Craddock March 2016 on the 11.3.2016
  • '''we need people to read, to think, to care, to protest, to claim their rights; to oppose tyranny, to oppose injustice, to oppose greed, to oppose poverty, to oppose starvation minimum wages; to love freedom, to love the environment, to love this planet, to love people of all races countries cultures; we must aspire to better lives, peace for all peoples upon this earth, creating a paradise on earth should be our industrial technological heart felt goal, then we will all be poets'''
    Terence George Craddock March 2016 on the 20.3.2016
  • ''across the world politicians and leaders forget, government is meant to serve the will and best interests of the people, all government is elected to serve and if necessary sacrifice for the good of the people, this was an esteemed sacred roll entrusted in leadership, the noble ideal to serve a greater good needs to be resurrected''
    Terence George Craddock written in March 2016 on the 22.3.2016
  • ''peace is often best found within the solid purity of our best thoughts within the true vein of our own mined soul''
    Terence George Craddock. Written in March 2016 on the 17.3.2016
  • ''wisdom is always philosophy without nationality''
    Terence George Craddock. Written in May 2016 on the 8.5.2016.
  • ''Your enemy is always an administration promoting pimping war, regardless of ethics, collateral damage, civilian casualties, countries bombed divided carved cut up at robber baron whim; your enemy is a paid tool of elite power, a corrupt greedy power, loving profiting in blood baths of violent wars invasions; your enemy is paid media muppets receiving payoffs, lying misrepresenting distorting truth, to justify pimp wars to steal resources wealth from invaded countries; your enemy is patriots blind to political manipulation, fighting for an unjust cause they believe is righteous, for their children their country, their culture lifestyle freedom, while denying all these rights to target resource wealth enemies, your enemy is you if ignorance inaction indifference fear means you will not call greed invasion wars evil, if you will not speak up stand up walk a freedom march, for the rights of all humanity who live in peace and do no wrong, until you sow death destruction mutilation through the soil of the four winds within their land.''
    Terence George Craddock. Written in June 2016 on the 14.6.2016.

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Best Poem of Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

Water Of Life

water flowing
in mountains streams creeks rivers
water trickling
racing to fill ponds lakes oceans

water mist breath allowing
myriad life possibilities
water small droplets sowing
web of life potential diverse forms

without water there would
be no magnificient
earth life lusting swarms

vast planet wide oceans
filling teeming brimming
with species complexities

water vast percentages
of amazing cells
that strata comprise
all living organisms

water sustaining
growth creating
spun life webs

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Longing To Read Me?

longing to know
longing to understand
longing to perceive

i know
i never got
to be me


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