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Rookie (June 15,19- / Knoxville, TN)

teri bronte Poems

1. Do I Dare 11/30/2004
2. Is It Possible 6/3/2005
3. You Were All To Me 11/30/2004
4. Blinder's 11/6/2008
5. No Looking Back 11/6/2008
6. A Special Thing 11/6/2008
7. Why Did He Speak To Me 11/6/2008
8. He Call's Me Friend 11/6/2008
9. No One Asked Me 11/6/2008
10. His Loss 11/6/2008
11. Is Sorry The Right Word? 11/6/2008
12. My Friend From Ireland 7/17/2005
13. Time Is? 11/6/2008
14. To Know Love 11/6/2008
15. Will Happiness Come My Way? 11/7/2008
16. Can Forgiveness Be The Answer? 11/7/2008
17. It Still Hurt's 11/7/2008
18. I Remember Them 11/7/2008
19. I Loved Once 11/7/2008
20. Always 1/8/2009
21. Gone 3/21/2009
22. A Beautiful Star 'stella' 10/10/2010
23. How Like A Child I Still Believed 11/13/2010
24. Like The Waves 1/11/2009
25. No More Will I Listen 11/7/2008
26. Love Hurt's 11/6/2008
27. Submissive 10/25/2005
28. Getting Old 6/2/2005
29. Love Yesterday, Friends Today 6/3/2005
30. His Promise's 11/6/2008
31. Things Are Not What They Seem 11/13/2008
32. The Man 7/4/2009
33. The One I'M Searching For 11/7/2008
34. Family's 12/5/2009
35. Twisted Love 11/13/2008
36. Oh Joy, Oh Joy 6/12/2005
37. His Touch 12/10/2004
38. Me 12/6/2004
39. The Dominant Male 10/25/2005

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The Dominant Male

Oh this man of order's and dismay; with the strenght and no
wisdom of what he has.. is beyond me.
He struts his stuff and beats his chest, He barks and howls at
the night; but his bark is all; for he has no bite.

He looks for the weaker female, for if she talks back to him then
he call's her name's and then run's and hides; not really from her,
because he's weak, but because to fight or argue with her is to
find she may be right.

No Dominant can or will deal with that.. it is he that leads with the
last word from him and it is she that follow's or is ...

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You Were All To Me

How do you get over someone you fell in love with and gave your mind heart and soul to?
Do you say 'You were all to me' but, 'now your nothing'...
Do you forget how much you loved that person and gave your all.. your trust.. just to have it all taken away..?

You were all to me.. what does that mean to you now?
How can i go on like nothing happened..as tho you were never here in my heart?
Do i just say 'You were all to me' and go on?
I guess so...for what else is there to do.. you ar

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