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Rookie (June 15,19- / Knoxville, TN)

teri bronte Poems

1. Do I Dare 11/30/2004
2. Is It Possible 6/3/2005
3. You Were All To Me 11/30/2004
4. Blinder's 11/6/2008
5. No Looking Back 11/6/2008
6. A Special Thing 11/6/2008
7. Why Did He Speak To Me 11/6/2008
8. He Call's Me Friend 11/6/2008
9. No One Asked Me 11/6/2008
10. His Loss 11/6/2008
11. Is Sorry The Right Word? 11/6/2008
12. My Friend From Ireland 7/17/2005
13. Time Is? 11/6/2008
14. To Know Love 11/6/2008
15. Will Happiness Come My Way? 11/7/2008
16. Can Forgiveness Be The Answer? 11/7/2008
17. It Still Hurt's 11/7/2008
18. I Remember Them 11/7/2008
19. I Loved Once 11/7/2008
20. The One I'M Searching For 11/7/2008
21. Always 1/8/2009
22. Gone 3/21/2009
23. The Man 7/4/2009
24. A Beautiful Star 'stella' 10/10/2010
25. How Like A Child I Still Believed 11/13/2010
26. Like The Waves 1/11/2009
27. No More Will I Listen 11/7/2008
28. Love Hurt's 11/6/2008
29. Submissive 10/25/2005
30. Getting Old 6/2/2005
31. Love Yesterday, Friends Today 6/3/2005
32. His Promise's 11/6/2008
33. Things Are Not What They Seem 11/13/2008
34. Family's 12/5/2009
35. The Dominant Male 10/25/2005
36. Twisted Love 11/13/2008
37. Oh Joy, Oh Joy 6/12/2005
38. His Touch 12/10/2004
39. Me 12/6/2004

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Twisted Love

I gave you my love and my trust
Then you abused it with all your angry fuss
All your anger left me confused
Leaving me in tears and my body bruised

I do not reconize you anymore
What we had together, you beat to the the core
God says do unto others as you'd do unto you
You're stuck with your anger now that we're through

You taught me to keep my wall up high
To protect myself from your vicious lies
I am beginning to repair my pain
I don't think I'll every be the same

My joy of life that you took away
Will hopefully come back someday
And when...

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Oh Joy, Oh Joy

Oh joy, oh joy, don't leave just yet, linger on awhile and wash my days with a mist of morning dew..just enough to make me feel alive and full of you.
Oh joy, oh joy, i strech and purr like a kitten after her nap knowing you are nearby with a touch so soft and yet so familiar with my every aches and make them enhanced and slide on to a ride that won't stop until i reach that place of bliss where you never know if you will find your way back.
Oh joy, oh joy, stay awhile longer please..don't has