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Story of my life...
 It all started back in time whereby I was living with my grandmother in the village doing Grade R. she became  my nurse, my chef, my maid, my biggest fan, my teacher but most of all she became a mother to me. one thing about me, that didn't make her happy was that I hated going to school and all that started as a joke, I would pretend to be sick so that she can allow me to stay behind when she does so, that would make me so happy because I really hated going school. When my biological mother came around to visit us, I would be worse I will even cry the whole day just for my biological mother to allow me to stay behind.All the times that I was absent from school made me lose all the basic things that they teach  in Grade R, things like 1+1, writing the letters of the alphabet  etc. Fortunately I was able to complete or pass Grade R even though I don't know how because I was never at school. The same year that I completed my Grade R it was the same year that my father was able to buy a house at Madiba Park, then the following year he decided that I must move in with him with the aim to give me a better education. As he promised he was able to get a good school which was a private school " Maseala Progressive"  I was suppose to do Grade 1 sadly because I was from a village school they said to me " we have to test if you are really worthy to be in grade 1" . Then they made me do two things -firstly  they said I must write the first 5 letters of the alphabet and secondly they said I must count 1 to 20 I failed to do all that because I was never at school during my Grade R year then they told my parents that I am not worthy to be in Grade 1 they further said the only solution is for me to repeat Grade R again, so my parents whole heartily agreed but to me it was a pain that I carried throughout my Primary years  even though I really knew that I was not worthy to be in Grade 1 that time. as they agreed I repeated Grade R they made me pass I went to grade 1 where I met new friends that I attended class with me and to tell the truth they would perform very good academically me in the other  hand I would perform very bad infact I was one of the stupidest child in class because I was not able to write and reading worse of them all  I was unable to write my name, surname  and everyone knew that, therefore every time I was given an opportunity to answer a question all the learners would wait whole heartily for me to answer knowing that the answer would be wrong and stupid after then the would laugh at me so loud that they laughter would hurt me, that happened on a daily basis until one day morning I decide to be a trouble maker and a bully because I was full of anger then I would make the learners who laugh at me their life to be a living hell, i would eat they lunch boxes, and take their pocket money not because I needed money but because I wanted them to feel the pain I felt when they were laughing at me so as time went on and on we went to Grade 2 then Grade 3 I went to another school " millennium combine school" because my parents thought they will be able to teach me how to reading and write I was still struggling academically. I went to the new school I met new friends who were also trouble makers and bullies the only difference was that they were better than me academically so fitting in was not difficult for me because I was also a trouble maker so we formed a group or a gang therefore we were well known in the school for being trouble makers we will always be involved in fights or bullying people in fact everything that is bad in the school we would be involved. As time went on and on, still I was unable to reading and write but then I passed Grade 3 I went to Grade 4.Grade 4 was a stage in my life whereby I tried a lot of things -things that I thought they would restore joy to me and give me a reason to live because every day I went to school I wished I would die and rest knowing that I will always be a laughing stock to the learners because I was not able to read and write that made me a bad academic performer. As I was saying I tried playing soccer, doing karate and being a hip hop dancer but then I was not good enough. As life moved on I also moved to a new school " Christ the king" I left my friends behind I was going to do my Grade 5 but  I carried my behaviour and  stupidity where ever I  teachers told me face to face that" I will never make it in Life" because they lost all the hope that they had for me and I also lost hope about my life but my parents didn't lose hope they kept pushing taking me to different schools and paying people from different areas to teach me how to read and write it seemed as if they were wasting they time and money but then God was in control. Still I was able to complete Grade 5 at " Christ the king" but I was still not  able to read and write. As the year went on I also went to a new school " MEPS" to do my Grade 6.what I can say about my Grade 6 year is that it was one of the challenging year of my life on the 23 September 2009 three day before my parents wedding my leg just broke when I was walking so my leg took a year to recover to it is normal duties after my leg fully recovered I was half way through my Grade 7 still I was struggling to read and write but then I started seeing things in a different way my hope was renewed  I started believing  that God will change me and my situation  then the time came that I had to write my final exams of Grade 7, i wrote. As days went by " the report day " came along  I was so sacred of failing even though I know  that they was no other option than failing  but God shocked me and everyone who said I will never make it in life because this time I passed very will and I was formally awarded a certificate to honour me for a " Remarkable Academic improvement " I was so happy I knew deep down that God is busy sharpening my life for his own glory.The following year I was going to do my Grade 8 at " Noorderland high school" one before the school reopened I went to my room I cried so much like never before I was even praying say that " God the best option is to let me die because you brought me on earth to be a laughing stock without  me having a sense of direction " and I said all that because I was very angry at myself because I was unable to read and months went by February came along and they told me that I am going to write an English test, other learners we so happy about that because they said English is easy then the day came that we had to write the test then we enter the class room they gave us question papers and answering papers everyone was busy enjoying the the test but me in the other hand I was in the dark but the good thing is that it was the same hour that I had an counter with God I can't put words to describe how I felt. But I felt this comforting presence that I can't describe with words after some seconds I heard a soft sweet voice that said to me " I love you so much. i have been with you throughout your primary years. why would I leave you now? " from that day everything about my life change then I was able to read and write. I stopped being a bully, a trouble maker and I started understanding God's purpose about my life. By the grace of God I am now a good academic performer and I really believe in God with my whole heart. I would love to say to everyone that never lose hope God is alive God can do miracles. My life is a living testimony of what God can do in a person's Life, no matter what people say about your situation or Life never lose hope.
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Tearing Apart....

Forgive me for tearing apart when you feel so incomplete
I try to be strong and weak I feel when I know your unpleasant situation
Please understand that your cry is my tear
Your worry chases away my smile.
Believe me when I say...
When part of you is functioning not so well, I'm also affected
Because we are one.
Your happiness is my excitement
Your joy creates my everyday smile

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