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41. Silence Is A Girl's Loudest Cry 8/3/2014
42. Wise Words 1/2/2014
43. When You'Re Feeling Lonely... 1/2/2014
44. One Day... 11/3/2013
45. I Am An Original.... 11/3/2013
46. Questions I Always Ask Myself... 11/3/2013
47. Unspoken....Words 6/22/2013
48. My Promise... 11/3/2013
49. Last Night Dream... 1/2/2014
50. Important Person In Every Person's Life... A Mother 1/2/2014
51. ...Is Just A Fantasy 6/22/2013
52. The Time Is Now... 11/22/2013
53. Just One Wish 6/22/2013
54. Broken Heart... 6/22/2013
55. Motivational Minutes 1/2/2014
56. How I Feel About You 1/2/2014
57. I Am Sorry... For My Insecurities 11/3/2013
58. Women In Men's Life 1/2/2014

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Women In Men's Life

I Was Born, a Woman Was There To Hold Me
''My Mother''

I Grew as a Child, a Woman Was There To Care For Me, To Play With Me
''My Sister''

I Went To School, a Woman Was There To Help Me Learn
''My Teacher''

I just needed company and to share mine feelings with someone, .A women was there to guide me
'My Best Friend'

I Became Depressed, Whenever I Lost, a Woman Was There To Offer a Shoulder
''My girlfriend''

I Became Tough, a Woman Was There To Melt Me
''My sister''

When I am Dying, a Woman Is There To Absorb Me
''My MotherLand''

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Money Can'T Buy...Love

I rule the world, since I can make it to go around. I stay long with those who knows how to spend me, usefully.
They use to say 'I'm the root of all evil', but I'm loved everywhere even by the pastors 'cause I make life possible.

Who am I? to bring love while I'm still plenty in your bank, and take it when I leave.
Who am I? to rule the world while I'm just coins that makes noise in your pockets.

I truly can make everything happen in this world. No one can beat me, except
God, Almighty.

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