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Hello! Thank you for stopping by! !
My name is Thad, I'm originally from
Massachusetts, I now reside in Texas
And love it here.
I enjoy writing poetry! When I am not
writing, I'm thinking of what I shall
write next.
Most of my poems are love poems, as you
May have noticed, most - but not all.
I like humorous poems also.I prefer to
write in rhyme, but I enjoy any style
of poetry it's all inspiring to me...

Best regards, Thad

Best wishes! Friend Thad Updates

~~ Then And Now ~~

I always think of, ' then an now '
and the time, that we first met.
In my mind am not surprised to find
that 'loving you', I have had no regret.
Your sparkling eyes how they had me
hypnotized, when I saw you that day
Standing there. All that I knew was that
I needed you '' Only you '' in my life

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