Thaddeus Thierisch

Rookie (May 22,1969 / Vilnius, Lithuania)

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My new friend at this site Larry has encouraged to write a bit more than my short version biography 'I was born. I live. I will die.'

Well, it should be said something about poetry, right? I suppose, poetry is one of the best tools of communication. As a wise man said: 'Everyone feels the same as poets do, while the only poets are able to express this feeling in words properly.' It's more up to writers than readers if their writings are not readable.

As a poet I invite you to try communicating with me. Satisfy your curiosity, compare your thoughts with mine, live the fictional life I offer, smile and cry with me, argue with me, criticize me.

As a pharmacist I have to remind you that poetry is a psychotropic drug. Hence, enjoy responsibly!

P.S. Thaddeus Thierisch is my pseudonym. My real name is Tadas.

Thaddeus Thierisch's Works:

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When I was a small boy
I thought that the humpbacks are
Disguised angels
Hiding their wings poorly.

When I was a small boy
I molded a snow-woman,
Such a beautiful,
That even experienced the love of Pygmalion.

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