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1. My Night 6/16/2015
2. Leaf 6/16/2015
3. I'Ll Wait 6/17/2015
4. Shells 6/18/2015
5. Death 6/19/2015
6. Reflections 6/19/2015
7. Man Who Was Staring At A Wall 6/19/2015
8. New Year 6/26/2015
9. Writing To You 6/27/2015
10. Lone Eagle 6/30/2015
11. Where Is My Love? 7/1/2015
12. When You Are Near Me 7/4/2015
13. Moon Can Never Hide 7/4/2015
14. Sun 7/12/2015
15. Adam 7/12/2015
16. Grass Stalk 7/24/2015
17. Hotel Near The Sea 7/24/2015
18. Van Gogh 7/24/2015
19. Spark 7/24/2015
20. The Unexamined Life 6/23/2015
21. I'M Dead 6/25/2015
22. Icarus 6/15/2015

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I don't know why I'm obsessed with the sky.

If I've to have wings like 'Icarus', I'll fly towards the sky freely, even towards the sun while my wax feathers get melted and drip like blood because of the golden flames of the sun and while I fall into the sea and die like the 'Icarus' himself.

Later I realize (after I met you) that I'm actually obsessed with the things that are infinite, like the sky like you.

You are the sky my love. And I am 'Icarus'.

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My Night

You are like the night, but don't be unhappy about me comparing you to the night. The darkness is always more kind than the light which wakes you up with shiny needles. The night covers the tired beings with the cover of slumber. The night let tortured poor souls to put away their heavy smiling masks and silently weep in their beds to let out all t

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