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im sixteen right now, i turn 17 on july 7. i do like an online school type thing. i have 1 dad,1 mom, and 3 older sisters. im the baby of the family. my mom recently left me, my sisters and my dad here by ourselves, she just packed her stuff and left us here for some butt-ugly, deadbeat loser of a nothing and his daughters. so shes gone. and my dad is looking for a new woman right now. she broke his heart again. but this time she really did. and hes not taking her back this time. she was thinking about coming back to. hahaha. to late. but yeah. from that im kind of bitter and depressed. that and my dog, my best friend died. i dont even know what happened the days after that. i was alive, but i guess i wasnt there. all i know is i held her when she took her last breath and than *boom. blank, nothing. no memory of the next day or the day after. but now im here and alive. trying to live, figure out life without mom. but yeah. i guess thats about it.

my friends say im weird, like a fun weird. i love music. its the only thing that calnms me down alot when im really mad. or sad. or just need to get away from it all. and i love anything like family guy. and any kind of music i guess.

oh and im not much of a good writer. my writing sounds kind of amatourish or whatever. not that great, so i apologize for that.

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