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1. The Purpose Of My Propose 7/27/2009
2. Sunday 7/27/2009
3. Hidden Stains 7/28/2009
4. Enstranged Changes 7/29/2009
5. What We Could Have Had 7/30/2009
6. My Cousins Actions 7/31/2009
7. My Blood Rushes 7/31/2009
8. Summer Make Way For Autumn 3/23/2010
9. I Want To Write 3/24/2010
10. Depression Is A State Of Mind 5/5/2010
11. Hope Of Seeing You Again 5/5/2010
12. We Built 5/5/2010
13. If Only I 5/5/2010
14. The End Of… 5/5/2010
15. Untitled 5/26/2010
16. Monday To Friday Blues 6/8/2010
17. Lies That Heal Tomorrow 6/24/2010
18. Missing You Love 11/24/2010
19. Give Me Permission To Go 11/29/2010
20. Visions 11/29/2010
21. Life 1/16/2011
22. Life Is...........? ? ? ? ? ? 1/16/2011
23. My Return 12/5/2011
24. Pain 11/19/2012
25. You 11/30/2012
26. Broken Pieces Of Me 12/6/2012
27. Always On My Mind 12/24/2012
28. For My Sanity 7/19/2013
29. H.I. Virus 12/30/2009
30. Somehow 1/4/2010
31. What A Day 1/4/2010
32. I Try 1/5/2010
33. Missing You 8/19/2010
34. Dreams Of Being With Or Without You 12/29/2009

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Dreams Of Being With Or Without You

I want to find you cause you found me alone, Isolated from the world of love. Disconnected from an entire network of hope to love I long to hold love.
But you see I’m scared to get close to your warmth, so bear with my faults as I crawl to near your soul, cry showers of pain as I regret the choice that will unfold when I finally lose hope.
I carry on but can’t cope I sit around and mope thinking of experimenting with coke- blaze dope to cope, get crazy as I continue to lose hope… Damn I lost hope. Stashed her in a place of lost control I can’t onthou…
Still slowly in the mist of my ...

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Hidden Stains

 Interactive thoughts, mindless battles we fought, a kinder love we sought.
 Wars we fought, promises we never sworn, a kinder love-now gone.
 Secrets we compress, lies we express, a darker love we try to impress.
 Showers of rain, a much more confident pain, an eternal stain…
The things we face or come across everyday determine our future or decisions we make. Our lives are always at stake. Consequence feeds of the mistakes we make…
So let’s unite agains

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