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Thato Maluleka Poems

1. The Purpose Of My Propose 7/27/2009
2. Sunday 7/27/2009
3. Hidden Stains 7/28/2009
4. Enstranged Changes 7/29/2009
5. What We Could Have Had 7/30/2009
6. My Cousins Actions 7/31/2009
7. My Blood Rushes 7/31/2009
8. Summer Make Way For Autumn 3/23/2010
9. I Want To Write 3/24/2010
10. Depression Is A State Of Mind 5/5/2010
11. Hope Of Seeing You Again 5/5/2010
12. We Built 5/5/2010
13. If Only I 5/5/2010
14. The End Of… 5/5/2010
15. Untitled 5/26/2010
16. Monday To Friday Blues 6/8/2010
17. Lies That Heal Tomorrow 6/24/2010
18. Missing You Love 11/24/2010
19. Give Me Permission To Go 11/29/2010
20. Visions 11/29/2010
21. Life 1/16/2011
22. Life Is...........? ? ? ? ? ? 1/16/2011
23. My Return 12/5/2011
24. Pain 11/19/2012
25. You 11/30/2012
26. Broken Pieces Of Me 12/6/2012
27. Always On My Mind 12/24/2012
28. For My Sanity 7/19/2013
29. H.I. Virus 12/30/2009
30. Somehow 1/4/2010
31. What A Day 1/4/2010
32. I Try 1/5/2010
33. Missing You 8/19/2010
34. Dreams Of Being With Or Without You 12/29/2009

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Dreams Of Being With Or Without You

I want to find you cause you found me alone, Isolated from the world of love. Disconnected from an entire network of hope to love I long to hold love.
But you see I’m scared to get close to your warmth, so bear with my faults as I crawl to near your soul, cry showers of pain as I regret the choice that will unfold when I finally lose hope.
I carry on but can’t cope I sit around and mope thinking of experimenting with coke- blaze dope to cope, get crazy as I continue to lose hope… Damn I lost hope. Stashed her in a place of lost control I can’t onthou…
Still slowly in the mist of my ...

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Enstranged Changes

 Estranged changes, Monumental experiences, The conquering of love is the instrument of understanding life.
 My words cannot change the world’s current state. We inhale poisonous thoughts, exhale hope, and halt because, we want more than what is given.
 Have you thought of how things are different yet similar, your touch familiar with continuous white lies, what’s mine not yours and sometimes yours what is not mine.
 You see my mind is engraved in the past,

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