Thayne Tuason

Veteran Poet - 1,157 Points (1973)

Biography of Thayne Tuason

When I was a teenager I joined the circus. I was once a professional snowboarder and followed Jerry Garcia to his grave in 1995. I am a diagnosed schizophrenic, a title I earned before my BS in Science with an emphasis on plants from Central Washington University in 2003. I've worked as a dishwasher, prep cook, cook, maid, lift operator, snow shoveler, clerk in a music box shop and antique store and a ski rental shop, picked and packed fruit, janitor, biological technician, botanist, wildland fire fighter, crew boss and even as an archaeologist at times. I'm also a prolific photographer of native plants and still skateboard 29 years after I started.

Pablo Neruda is my favorite poet, please see my website with English translations that I've done- http: // Updates


Life never did depend on her happiness
but her unhappiness was assured.

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