The Broken Poet

The Broken Poet Poems

41. Eternity In A Night 1/5/2007
42. Halo 1/5/2007
43. Nightmare 1/5/2007
44. Poison Smile 1/5/2007
45. Shooting Star 1/5/2007
46. A Bullet Never Lies 3/31/2011
47. Hear For You 6/24/2011
48. Stay 6/24/2011
49. Your Beauty Is Surreal 6/24/2011
50. War With Out A Cause 6/24/2011
51. Hate Me 3/4/2012
52. Please Don'T Leave 6/27/2011
53. Weight Of The World 6/24/2011
54. Holding You Tonight 3/31/2011
55. To Late 6/24/2011
56. Fear 9/8/2006
57. Falling Apart 9/8/2006
58. Falling To Pieces 9/8/2006
59. Afraid To Be 9/8/2006
60. Suicide Is Poetry 1/5/2007
61. Love/Hate 9/8/2006
Best Poem of The Broken Poet


I love you, I hate you
But your always on my mind
I hate the way you smile
As beautiful as it may be
I hate the way you walk
And I hate the way you talk
I hate the way you smell
And I hate the way you feel
I hate the way you hair shines
And waves in the breeze
But most of all I hate the way
You make me feel
How your always on my mine
The way I see you but your never there
I hate it when I look at another girl
And all I see is you
I especially hate how much I love you
And everything you do
I hate how I can never have you
Or how my ...

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Cant Talk About It

as life gose on
im left singing this song
the would keeps turning
and i keep yurning for her
and im left in silence
and i cant talk about it
as time gose on
and i wach it pass by

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