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these arent really poems...ive been doing a lil something called # Dear Diary # its just what happens during my life...well its basically like my diary that ive put out there for everyone to read...and its just so you can see how im doing...and id really like it if you would comment me on them...and if you feel that i should need to hear something related to my # Dear Diary # please comment me...cos i AM human...and i DO need advice from time to time...i also have another profile with poems on name on that one is '3mo Star' so if you wana read my for that always
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Craz-E Dream! ! !

have you ever had one of those dreams
where you're like...
'OMG! WTF! ? ! '
yeah...thats the kind of dream
i had last nite
dont freak on me if you do read this
ive never had a dream like this before

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