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Is it the heart that carries the dream, or the dream that carries the heart? Can anyone really know?

I am me....that is true, but some (well most) of you don't know me so I guess I can tell you about me.....a little bit at least...

I believe that we all have a little art and poetry hidden inside of us and sometimes it is hard to get it out... this happens to me all the friend Fallen Too Far (you should go and check out her poems...amazing! I know shameless plug....hehehe) agree on this, there are so many things that I long to say that will probably never get out of my head for the world to see and even if and when they do no one else seems to understand what I am trying to say......Neways! ! Lol! !

I love God first and foremost. He has brought me through so much and I can never thank Him enough! I love my family (my brother Stephen Beam is on here too!) and friends, they are all the world to me, if I didn't have them, well I don't know what I would do. I love music, it is so inspiring to me, I love art, literature and photography......pretty much anything that can inspire people! I hope you enjoy my poetry, its pretty much little pieces of me that I reluctantly share with the world! Updates


You know that song
Nobody likes me
Everybody hates me
I guess I'll go eat worms
That pretty much sums up
How I see my life
Most 'normal' people have friends
Well I don't even have those
All my life

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