The Droplets

Rookie (2006 / a garage)

Biography of The Droplets

Originated in Tampa, Florida, the Droplets were the 1st pan 2 play the pots n pans in a song. Also amazing guitarists make them the greatest emo bands of our genaration. Al Lopez- guitarist, Chase- bass, billy- drums, logan- keyboard n crack face, n Matt- Pots n pans. Also featurin one of the guitarist of all time (Al lopez) . Al is also one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Buy the CD I Waz ATE comin out soon

The Droplets's Works:

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I saw this girl one night when I was walkin down the street
And I decided she was 1 I would really want 2 meet
But I didn’t have a chance cuz im so pitiful
And of course she’s so young n beautiful

I walked up to her n she said her name was Maria
I said well Maria it was really nice 2 meet ya
And I was wondering if you’d like to go out sum time
Ofcourse she said no n that was the end of our good time