The Jester

The Jester Poems

1. The Same 11/8/2006
2. Sand Soldiers 11/8/2006
3. My Sight 10/14/2007
4. Tower 10/14/2007
5. So Complete 10/14/2007
6. Among The Trees 10/14/2007
7. Master Of Thoughts 10/14/2007
8. Winter 10/14/2007
9. Sense Depart 10/14/2007
10. Inspiration 10/16/2007
11. Moonsick 10/16/2007
12. Guardian 10/16/2007
13. Secrets 10/16/2007
14. Revelation 10/16/2007
15. To Be A Soldier 10/16/2007
16. Marry Me? 10/16/2007
17. An Enemy Of Love 10/16/2007
18. Razed To The Ground 10/14/2007
19. Valentine 10/14/2007
20. To Keep Yourself Alive 10/14/2007
21. Chelsea! 10/14/2007
22. Hunting Love 10/14/2007
23. The Search 10/14/2007
Best Poem of The Jester

The Search

I can but ever look within
The darkest regions in my mind
Where all that wants to be can want
For nothing, and I often find
That somewhere in the shifting shade
Twisted tight for hand to hold
Among the ashes, night as coal
Lies brilliant shards of broken gold.
I look upon them, cast out longing
Still they shy and start to fade
And though I cry and beg them splendour
To not to be these thoughts were made
But always linger in the shadows
Such desire cloaked and cold
Whisper boxes must be opened
Murmur secrets must be told.
A wave of understanding ...

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Sand Soldiers

Surrounding shadow closes in
The darkness hangs, begins to grow
With eyes that pierce the shields of men
And fire burns each friend and foe
When hope is shattered, all is lost
And stands to make are slow to come
Victory at an unknown cost
All fates begin to lie with one.
But when the blackness winds around

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