The Lighthouse Keeper

Rookie (1958 08 22 / Helsingborg, Sweden)

Biography of The Lighthouse Keeper

To long to remember!
Traveller, Bachelor of science, 'political science, human ecology, public administrations, economics'.
Former entrepeneur. Spiritually aware. Hypno-therapist, amateur-poet-artist. Sailing since childhood. writer, Former studio photographer among other things. Sort of single. To tall, keeps bumping my head into various objects which might explain some strange poems.....; -)

The Lighthouse Keeper's Works:

One coming- Updates

From A Poet To Another

The poetry lies not in the rhymes one produce
Neither in the use of the fanciest of words
Or in the admiration of the readers one might seduce
I leave that to all self-propelled nerds.
It is in the expression of truest inner sight
Expressed through our loveliest emotion
That we help turn readers darkness into light
That is a poor poets only true devotion.
Then our poetry may become a fresh new start

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