The Mowjo

The Mowjo Poems

1. Cries 6/18/2006
2. Dark Worlds 6/18/2006
3. Gabrael My Guide 6/19/2006
4. Gods Answer 6/19/2006
5. Secret World 6/19/2006
6. Goodbye To An Angel 6/20/2006
7. Is It Real 6/20/2006
8. Lonely Old Man 6/20/2006
9. Midnight 6/20/2006
10. Mum 6/20/2006
11. Boboo 6/20/2006
12. Sleeping 6/22/2006
13. Suzanne 6/22/2006
14. The Answer 6/23/2006
15. The Child 6/23/2006
16. The Journey 6/24/2006
17. The Rose 6/24/2006
18. Dream Teller 6/19/2006
19. Fateful Day 6/19/2006
20. Time 6/24/2006
21. Sequence 8/31/2006
22. Diamond Tears 6/18/2006
23. The Silence Of September 6/24/2006
24. Fred 6/19/2006
25. Creaky Door 6/18/2006
26. Angels Hope 6/18/2006
27. Earths Tears 6/19/2006
28. Sailors Farewell 6/20/2006
29. Angel Feather 6/18/2006
30. Black And White 6/18/2006
31. Dolphin Dreams 6/19/2006

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Best Poem of The Mowjo

Earths Tears

I sailed the Sea of this Earths tears..
I’ve seen the hurt and felt her fears..
I’ve seen the things that man has done..
And seen what we must overcome..

I spoke to God and saw the light..
Then knew that I must put things right..
I knew that I was not alone..
That if I called them more would come..

I called, they came, we did our best..
There is no time we cannot rest..
And still we sailed on many years..
We sailed the Sea of this Earths tears..

For we had cried for all mankind..
Our tears were real, but we were blind..
Yet still we tried ...

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Black And White

White as the Snow, Black as the night,
Seek the truth and know what’s right,
See the answers all unfold,
White and black will turn to Gold,
If you listen I will teach,
Touch the dreams beyond your reach,
Your journey now has just begun,
And our two worlds will seem as one,
Then in the darkness you will see,