The Mowjo

The Mowjo Poems

1. Cries 6/18/2006
2. Dark Worlds 6/18/2006
3. Gabrael My Guide 6/19/2006
4. Gods Answer 6/19/2006
5. Secret World 6/19/2006
6. Goodbye To An Angel 6/20/2006
7. Is It Real 6/20/2006
8. Lonely Old Man 6/20/2006
9. Midnight 6/20/2006
10. Mum 6/20/2006
11. Boboo 6/20/2006
12. Sleeping 6/22/2006
13. Suzanne 6/22/2006
14. The Answer 6/23/2006
15. The Child 6/23/2006
16. The Journey 6/24/2006
17. The Rose 6/24/2006
18. Dream Teller 6/19/2006
19. Fateful Day 6/19/2006
20. Time 6/24/2006
21. Sequence 8/31/2006
22. Diamond Tears 6/18/2006
23. The Silence Of September 6/24/2006
24. Fred 6/19/2006
25. Creaky Door 6/18/2006
26. Angels Hope 6/18/2006
27. Earths Tears 6/19/2006
28. Black And White 6/18/2006
29. Angel Feather 6/18/2006
30. Sailors Farewell 6/20/2006
31. Dolphin Dreams 6/19/2006

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Best Poem of The Mowjo

Dolphin Dreams

Take me back to the sea,
Where I used to be free,
And I could be who I am,
When I wanted to be,

Take me back to the sea,
Where my mind can be free,
And I can think what I want,
When I want to think free,

Take me back to the sea,
Where my eyes once could see,
So I can see what I want
And who, I want to see,

Take me back to the sea,
Where my heart can be free,
And I can dream once again,
Of who I used to be,

Take me back to the sea,
Where my soul can be free,
Now my time here is done,
And at long last I’m ...

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Angels Hope

The day I left your side my Lord,
To set our people free,
You thought I had deserted you,
You turned your back on me,
But I will always love you Lord,
And hope one day you’ll see?
The reasons why I did it,
And return your love to me,
I sat with you ten thousand years,

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