The Mowjo Poems

Hit Title Date Added

Tick-Toc, Tick-Toc, Tick-Toc each time that dammed clock Tick-Tocs,
Another second of my life passes, but does it pass on the Tick or the Toc,
You may say does it really matter? To me it does it’s my life passing,
I remember times when time stood still for me,


Four minutes fifty-nine seconds until the Sequence begins,
And the point, at which you may become part of my life,
Or the point, at which you become just another name in the past,
Should I accept you, there would be no turning back,


In a distant land of the great Boboo,
Where everyone knows just who is who,
And the Boboo’s all have knees of Blue,
With feet of green, well a funny hue,


I never realised until I watched while you were sleeping,
Just how beautiful you are,
The soft moans you gave were like a haunting song,
That somehow echoed in the stillness of the night,


Suzanne, you were a wondrous child,
You suffered all your life,
And to all you met gave happiness,
Though your world was full of strife

The Answer

The Answer to our existence,
Exist only in the infinite realm of,
The Creator,
Seek the peace that comes from within,

The Child

I can look through the eyes of a parent,
But see through the eyes of the child,
Think back to when I was a youngster,
And things that made my parents wild.

The Journey

The journey you take, has begun,
Where one is two, and two are one,
I’ll speak through you, you’ll see through me,
All will be clear your mind set free,

The Rose

I gazed upon a red rose,
And thought I saw perfection,
Then I found a tiny flaw,
And then upon reflection,

Gabrael My Guide

Gabrael my trusted guide,
Why do you never speak?
Gabrael, my special friend,
Why do you never sleep?