The pain of a last kiss

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The pain of a last kiss Poems

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18. A Photograph 5/18/2009
19. Hit Me Again 5/18/2009
20. Hey Dad 5/18/2009
21. Sigh.. 5/18/2009
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Hey Dad

Hey Dad
What's wrong? Why did you hit me today?
Hey Dad
Why are you acting this way?
Hey Dad
Today you hurt me pretty bad.
Hey Dad
The teacher looked at me really sad
Hey Dad
They told me something about Child Abuse
Hey Dad
Today the teacher saw that new bruise
Hey Dad
Today they tried to get me to tell. I won't. I love you.
Hey Dad
They told that you didn't love me too. Is that true?
Hey Dad
I spent a month in a coma because of what you did
Hey Dad
They told me that you ran and hid
Hey Dad

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A Photograph

In my room
And on my wall
Is a picture
In the fall

The while family
Mom, Dad, and me
Before hate consumed us
When we are all happy

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