The Pedestrian

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Biography of The Pedestrian

'Words, like families and nations, have rich histories that can be traced through written records. Words have meanings that you encounter every day and others that lurk only in dictionaries.' From 'The Everything Writing Poetry Book' by Eliopulos and Moffett.

I'm just a pedestrian waiting patiently on the corner while people driving by look left then turn right and are surprised to see me as I stand there shrugging and waving. Shrugging, waving, and smiling.

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The Pedestrian's Works:

'Lacy's Journey'
This is a children's book written by my sister Loretta Halter. It comes with a CD. I did the music and the narration. Updates


Penguins - little antarctic pedestrians
We are all God's penguins
but I drift
Yes, I drift
as I search for humanity
I believe I have finally found
In Chopin's Opus 28 no.15, 'Raindrop'
In Scarlatti's Sonata in E k380

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