The Pedestrian

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The Pedestrian Quotes

  • '''I don't care what I think, I'm gonna do it anyway! '''
    the pedestrian
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  • '''Music - man's humanity to man' -

    Chaucer (not really, but I just wanted to invoke his name. He is considered the Father of English Literature, after all! (like I knew that without looking it up.) Not to mention his name rhymes with saucer!''
    the pedestrian
  • '''If God played in a band, perhaps She'd overplay - but who'd notice? '

    'Take it God! '''
    the pedestrian
  • '''God is His own worst enemy'''
    the pedestrian
  • '''Sing to the birds, we owe it to them' - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (He didn't really say that, but I thought it might add some credence.)''
    the pedestrian
  • '''Words can only say so much
    but poetry can say it all'''
    the pedestrian
  • ''From my book, 'I Think I Smell a Quote':
    (2 for 1 if you don't mind) (I would, but anyway...)

    'What I know today may not be what I know tomorrow'
    - Probablysomeonesaidthatalready

    'There's no tomorrow like tomorrow' -Unavailable''
    All right, by the pedestrian - if you must know
  • ''From my book, 'Raindrops Down the Gutter':

    'Where would we be without Anonymous! '''
    the pedestrian
  • ''From my book, 'Raindrops Down the Gutter':

    'I'd give you the shirt off my back if I had one - shirt,
    that is' - Anonymous

    'Oh that's right, throw that one on me...' - Anonymous''
    the pedestrian - (Trust me, who else?)
  • '''God, the great overshadower! '''
    the pedestrian

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Best Poem of The Pedestrian

My Little Black Dog

It all comes down to this
he's good with cats and kids
My little black dog

I wrote a song with nothin' to say
all we need is a sunny day
and everything will be okay
with me
and my little black dog

(Now here comes the 'heavy' part)

The truth comes out when we're alone
What I can't see will all be shown
It all comes down to this
he's good with cats and kids
and I like that
'deed I do

You might have seen me on the street
I'm the guy you'll never meet
with a wave and a smile
and my little black dog

yeah, yeah, yeah, my ...

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Still Standing

Kind thoughts float by
the pedestrian
waiting for the light
with the rest of 'em

(Hazeltine and Victory)

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