The Pedestrian

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The Pedestrian Quotes

  • ''From 'Here and Gone'

    'When it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes it's nice to travel light.'''
    the pedestrian, here and gone...
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  • '''Music is organic.
    It grows naturally.
    Music is always in harmony
    with it's surroundings'''
    the pedestrian
  • '''In music, you can have harmony even between notes that don't get along.'''
    the pedestrian
  • '''Music reminds me
    of who I am'''
    the pedestrian (for better or worse)
  • '''Music is a call to be yourself'''
    the pedestrian
  • ''From my book, 'Rusty the Cat, a Story In the Telling' (I have a feeling this book is going to start and end here.)

    'I love Rusty so much that I'm jealous of myself because I have Rusty! '''
    the pedestrian
  • ''From my book, 'Rusty the Cat, a Story In the Telling'
    This quote looks an awful lot like a poem. Let me assure you the resemblance is purely coincidental.

    'Rusty laid waste to the catbox
    He burnt that mutha down
    Nobody else can use it
    That's sure to bring a frown
    Rusty laid waste to the catbox
    I'm sure you catch my drift
    Unfortunatly, it'll have to be me
    that has to shovel and sift.'

    The only justification for something like this is if you believe there's a time and a place for everything - and I do mean everything!''
    the pedestrian (thank you)
  • '''WILL LOITER FOR FOOD' - signholderofframpguy

    'Here, take my last dollar. - can I borrow your sign? ' - the pedestrian

    'One of our problems is we keep needing food.' - the human race''
    Who wrote this stuff? I don't see any hands. Wait a minute, what's your name? the pedestrian
  • ''From my book, 'Music Paper'

    'Where there's music, there's hope.'

    'Music, the great rejuvinater.
    When I hear you play,
    the years fall away'''
    the pedestrian
  • ''From my book (that I'm starting here and now) 'Godspeak':

    Heaven on earth is a good thing. I mean, why wait? '''
    the pedestrian - as I stand here

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Best Poem of The Pedestrian

My Little Black Dog

It all comes down to this
he's good with cats and kids
My little black dog

I wrote a song with nothin' to say
all we need is a sunny day
and everything will be okay
with me
and my little black dog

(Now here comes the 'heavy' part)

The truth comes out when we're alone
What I can't see will all be shown
It all comes down to this
he's good with cats and kids
and I like that
'deed I do

You might have seen me on the street
I'm the guy you'll never meet
with a wave and a smile
and my little black dog

yeah, yeah, yeah, my ...

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Penguins - little antarctic pedestrians
We are all God's penguins
but I drift
Yes, I drift
as I search for humanity
I believe I have finally found
In Chopin's Opus 28 no.15, 'Raindrop'
In Scarlatti's Sonata in E k380

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