The Poet Darkling

Rookie - 20 Points (September 29,1967 / Chicago, Illinois)

The Poet Darkling Poems

81. Dear Mom...Love, Natalee 6/15/2012
82. I Am Ready 6/15/2012
83. Creepy Crawly-Through The Eyes Of A Serial Killer 6/16/2012
84. Come Tuesday 6/15/2012
85. The France I Remember 6/22/2012
86. Personification Of Heartache 6/16/2012
87. Misunderstood 6/16/2012
88. Just Call Me Darkling 6/24/2012
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Just Call Me Darkling

I hide, cowering in utter silence and darkness, save the sound of my heart breaking and the red glow from the tip of my home-rolled cigarette, thinking that my demons can't possibly find me if I'm still, but I am wrong. They seek me out with instincts as sharp and brutal as that of a famished wolf, always lurking nearby, waiting for me to make one wrong move, and then they pounce…and I soon discover that while trying to remain unseen by my demons, I am simultaneously disguising myself against my muse. Fleeting thoughts tease my creativity, but my pen isn't quick enough to oblige her. ...

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Shine Your Light

There's not enough darkness in all the world
To extinguish the light of your candle
A thousand others couldn't take your place
Nor could a thousand feet fill your sandal

I can't think of one person that I know
To fill the void in my heart if you left
And without the blessing of your friendship
My life would be empty, my soul bereft

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