The Poet In Pain

Biography of The Poet In Pain

Well, theres nothing to really tell about my life. I was born in New Mexico, where i was adopted about 30 minutes after i was born. After about 3 years, i moved across the country to Ohio, which i lived at my grandmothers house, along with my 'parents' before we found a house. We moved into our new house, in a very bad neighborhood. almost got shot a few times, but i had a few friends, i was happy. After a time, we moved agin, to a better neighborhood, i lost all my friends and everything i knew. again, i made some friends, i was happy for a time. And again, we moved and as before, i left everything and everyone behind. This is when i moved into the house i am currently living in, with my 'parents'. i stopped trying to make friends, only making them when they came to me. I started up poetry, most about a girl at my school, you'll understand the situation if you read one of my poems, My Last Goodbye or Invisible Pain. this is all at the moment, ill updat it if anything big happens. Updates

Searching For You...

Alone, in pain
all my hope in vain
I wander in search of you
knowing you dont feel the way i do
My life has no more meaning
though i look for you, never heeding
knowing you dont feel the same
I still search in vain
My heart wasting away

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